The time of the appearance of the rainbow

The time of the appearance of the rainbow


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  • 2 interpretation of the phenomenon of the rainbow
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Arc Rise Alqzh

A rainbow appears immediately after the end of the rain; Due to the availability of water droplets in the air and volatile, which is essential for its composition, as it should be clouds far from the sun, and the location of the sun behind the observer or the viewer to be able to watch the appearance of the rainbow. [1]

Interpretation of the phenomenon of the rainbow

I discovered the theory that describes the split white light into a range of colors when it passes in a three-piece glass shape called a prism by the world famous Isaac Newton in 1666; The set of this rainbow colors in a certain order starting from the color red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then indigo, and violet, where the rainbow appears after rain storms; As a result of the atmosphere is full of rain drops; Which represent each one of them small Mochora; Thus white light arc of colors as a result of the passage of the sun light is divided through these droplets at right angles correct, and appears red from the outside, color violet color from the inside, [2] Despite seeing the rainbow from the ground on the shape of an arc; However, it is made up in the form of a full circle, and you can see the full circle by looking through the plane, and in the case of the availability of the right conditions. [1]

Conditions that would be the rainbow

The basic conditions must be met to form the rainbow is; Water droplets hanging which may be in the form of mist, or spray a water, or rain, in addition to the bright sunlight, and the correct angle of the sun, where the sun must be behind the scenes or observer, and at 42 degrees or less; To see the rainbow in the sky, and more likely to watch the rainbow at the end of the day; Because of the sun drop more in the sky. [3]


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