The way the veins of bread

The way the veins of bread


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  • 2.1 Ingredients
  • 2.2 Preparation
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  • 3.1 Ingredients
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Bread veins

The veins is the bread of one type of bread known by both Iraq and Kuwait in particular, consists of this bread is mainly of flour with meat and added his other ingredients and spices, where they are baked using the oven, one of the oldest known species baked in the region, and generally have bread veins thin, but some modern recipes attended by a thick Here's how the work of the Iraqi veins bake bread and vegetables veins.

Bread Iraqi veins


  • Two cups of flour.
  • Two grains of onions with a small size.
  • A quarter of a package of parsley.
  • 250 grams of meat is chopped.
  • A small one teaspoon of instant yeast.
  • A small one teaspoon of turmeric.
  • Three teaspoons of salt tea.
  • Water as needed.
  • oil.


  • National Pferm each of the onion and parsley, finely chopped.
  • Bring the pot modes in which each of flour, instant yeast and Akhltehma and then add all of the onion, parsley and meat chopped and add to each salt, turmeric and my heart a little plug using your hand until distributed components with each other but do not overdo it in stirring.
  • By adding national water gradually and hold Bajn and flipping that mixes the ingredients well and become a cohesive dough.
  • Nationalist later cover the pot and leave to rest a little until the dough brewing and grow in size.
  • After brewing the dough to divide the dough into national balls, and then each ball everyday in the form of a thin flat circle, so do not be thick.
  • In this step option would be in order if not available for Dickey enlightenment, either taken from dough veins to the near you bakery in order to Abzha Pfernh, or that Choi bread billet oven, but in this case may come out of bread veins dry and so dry, or Tkulaiha Palmqlah, oil, and here will be the bread output tender. You can make the veins of bread hot or cold and with any meal you want.

Bread veins vegetables


  • Three cups of flour.
  • Three grains of the same size islands average.
  • Two grains of medium-sized onions.
  • Two grains of medium-sized green onions.
  • Half a pack of parsley.
  • Quarter wrapped.
  • Two grains of garlic.
  • Half of a grain of chicken broth cube Maggie, and Dhubhe in a large tablespoon of water.
  • One pill of eggs.
  • Three cups of water.
  • Salt according to the desire.
  • Two tablespoons of small tea spices problem
  • oil.

How to prepare

  • National Pferm all of carrots, onions, green onions, parsley and chopped cabbage very finely, with garlic mashed well.
  • Bring the pot and my situation in which all of the flour with all previous vegetables and add them spices problem, salt and egg, and then broth Almagi diluted with water, national stirring, and then the water add gradually and hold Bajn and flipping to cohere the dough.
  • Bring a pan modes where appropriate quantity of oil, and Antzeraha to heat oil.
  • National formation of the dough in the form of tablets and fry in oil until it becomes golden color, and her feet for your family.

Video Bread Arok


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