Tummy tuck after childbirth herbal

Tummy tuck after childbirth herbal


  • 1 sagging abdomen after birth
  • 2 natural blends to flatten the abdomen after childbirth 2.1 mixture of starch and alum 2.2 Mix Jasmine Oil 2.3 mix seed oils
  • 2.1 mixture of starch and alum
  • 2.2 Mix Jasmine Oil
  • 2.3 mix seed oils

Sagging abdomen after birth

Once the pregnant woman ends of the stage of pregnancy, and get rid of anxiety on her pregnancy, and the health of her unborn child, and feel the joy and happiness to see her, and the end of a grueling life period, until a new phase begins anxiety and thinking about how to get rid of excess weight caused by pregnancy, and the search for ways to restore elegance, natural size before pregnancy, especially tightening the abdominal area, and to get rid of cellulite in, which is made up as a result of the relaxation of the abdominal muscles in the front, leading to the expansion of the skin layer covered, and this is the most annoying lady after birth, and affects the psyche in a bad way and, in this article, we will learn some ways based on natural herbs in the tummy after childbirth.

Natural blends to flatten the abdomen after childbirth

Ms. always resort to the use of natural mixtures and herbs in the treatment of any problem, suffers because of the security that you feel for their use, and the absence of these herbs of chemicals and substances that may harm them, and these mixtures help in the tummy after childbirth as follows:

This mixture is made by mixing two tablespoons of alum, a tablespoon of starch, a teaspoon of olive oil and water, and Thrikema well even produces these components liquid material, it is applied to this article on the abdominal area suffering from sagging, and leave until completely dry, then scanned with a damp, and you should pay attention to the importance of repeat these steps more than once to get the desired result.

Mix Jasmine Oil

This mixture is to mix a tablespoon of jasmine oil, two tablespoons of bitter almond oil, two small and two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, with this in mind mixing the ingredients well, and then the fat area suffering from slack, as it should during put on the body that the women of exercise, and then the belly wash well with warm water.

Mix seed oils

This method is by mixing equal amounts of dandelion oil, green tea, olive oil, oil, sage oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil, ring, and these amounts put oils in a closed bottle tightly and shake it well; Even oils are mixed with each other, and then massage the abdominal area lean mixture oils, circular movements from top to bottom, and continue to massage for a quarter of an hour, with the need to adhere to perform these steps for a whole month until you get rid of cellulite.


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