Types of search engines

Types of search engines


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  • 2.1 Web search engines related to the network
  • 2.2 specialized search engines
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search engines

The search of the most famous sites used engines on the Internet, which are programs or pages specifically designed to help the user search for information with ease and saving time, and be search pages connected with a huge distributed data base on all regions of the world, making it easier on the user's search for information Kalvedyohat, photos, articles, and even scientific articles written by individuals, and the search engines are designed to arrange the classic libraries mechanism, and at the present time is the search engines most visited pages by users, first viewed before entering any other site, the search engine design and a very simple so contains a search box and search tool so that the user does not get distracted in the large number of tools. [1]

Types of search engines

Web search engines related to the network

Are the engines that use the Internet as a tool head of research and best known: [2]

  • Google: designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the 1998, a well-known months engines in the world for easy use of accurate research and its results, and contains many tools such as search tool for video, images, or files, and is linked to the Google site with most of the electronic sites, so as to be mechanism Search by keyword used by the user, the Google company initially a private company by the year 2004 turned into a public company, with employees numbered 20,000 full-time employees.
  • Bing: Designed by Microsoft to be a competitor to Google, designed in 2009 and adopted mainly on advertising in the collection of profits for the company.
  • Yahoo: Known for a short time before the advent of the Google search site, established by a group of investors in order to save time and effort in the search for documents and images.
  • BYO Image Search: is a special search engine on the images, search mechanism depends on the colors that match the degree and focus on the image you want to search.
  • Linux: engine is a specialist in the search for videos, featuring more than 6 million hours of video recorded.
  • YouTube: It goes without definition, contains a lot of scenes recorded videos and professional addition to songs and audio clips.
  • Everystockphoto: is a specialized engine for amateur photography, featuring many photos professional photographer with high quality and modern cameras.

Specialized search engines

This type of engine is within a private institution or a library or laboratory research, and includes only the company's data base to facilitate the worker search for information inside this company, and examples are the search engines used in universities, or contact companies. [3]


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