Way boiled potatoes

Way boiled potatoes


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  • 2 way boiled potatoes 2.1 Boil the potatoes with water 2.2 Boil potatoes microwave
  • 2.1 Boil the potatoes with water
  • 2.2 Boil potatoes microwave
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Is one of the most common agricultural crops in the whole world, a tuber crops that grow fruit under the ground, and are grown in all parts of the world, and earned potatoes ranked fourth among the most crops important in the world, and no doubt it is one of the most vegetables desire when all people, and enter the prepare plenty of delicious dishes.

Potato three ways in cooking, they are either climbing or grilled or fried, is a way Blanching is the most healthy her way, as it is in that way retain their benefits and useful ingredients for the health of the body, doctors confirm that boiled potatoes contain a substance based on the absorption of all the toxins from the body .

Way boiled potatoes

Boil the potatoes with water

First, we choose a good kind of potatoes that are free from any colors or green pigmentation, as the potatoes that contain green color, according to some health experts that they contain toxic substances, so you must get rid of them immediately, then wash well potatoes under water to get rid of dirt and dust sticking out.

Then we put the pot with water on the fire and let it boil until completely, then add a little salt and then put the potatoes with water beads and leave it for a quarter of an hour, and can process maturity test for the purpose of a sharp knife inside a grain of potatoes, and then taken out of the boiling water and put them directly into the cold water to easily peel . And necessary to note here that there are some recipes that require peeling potatoes before boiling process, as it is possible to divide the potatoes into halves or quarters before bungle to reduce the time of boiling.

Boil potatoes microwave

Wash the potatoes well, and then put the potatoes in a bowl of Albaerks the proper amount of water to boil potatoes, then cover the pot and introduce it to the microwave for ten minutes, and then we go out the bowl and halves potatoes and put them directly in cold water if they are not peeled, then Nakecrha with ease and use it directly.

Potato Benefits

  • Regulate stomach acidity ratio.
  • Protect against tumors, especially bowel cancer.
  • Intervention in recipes for skin because they contain many vitamins work on skin lightening and purification in a natural way.
  • Calms nerves and expel the wind and deal with colic.
  • Fragmentation of gravel and sand.
  • Dealing with stomach and duodenal ulcers.
  • Regulate the level of sugar in the blood and protect against injury from pregnant women to abortion.
  • The body protects against arthritis, as they protect against gout and asthma.
  • Help the digestive system to do its job properly.
  • Maintain the balance of the level of potassium in the body and thus enhance the flow of blood.

Video modus operandi of mashed potatoes


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