Way Egyptian dumplings

Way Egyptian dumplings

Egyptian dumplings from sweets famous for the city of Egypt and is one of the popular sweets and traditional scattered widely and popular with the feast of families, known dumplings in many Arab countries, where it is called the name of the top judge and Blackjack and Algaymat and is the same usual way and generally accepted and desserts are simple and easy-made at home and enjoy the interest and desire of everyone, prepare dumplings from the sugar-rich sweets so that is considered a dish of fatty sweets.


  • Ingredients 1
  • 2 diameter components (sherbet)
  • 3 Preparation
  • 4 way to prepare dumplings


  • Two glasses of warm water.
  • Koasin of white flour.
  • Four tablespoons of oil.
  • A tablespoon of yeast.
  • Vegetable oil for frying a large amount.

Diameter components (sherbet)

  • Two glasses of water.
  • Two cups of sugar.
  • Almost half of the lemon juice.
  • Large spoon vanilla.

How to prepare

  • Diameter is prepared to cool down and prefer to use it in order to get cold crisp dumplings.
  • Keep sugar and water on the fire and leaves until the sugar dissolves and then we put the lemon juice and vanilla and boil it becomes a piece of thick, then leaves degree heat of the kitchen to cool down.

How to prepare dumplings

  • Mix all ingredients Meh each other so that we have a cohesive dough and leave until it doubles in size.
  • Prepare the dough and then Nmskha between the fingers and cut it by tea spoon.
  • Bring oil and put it Bmqlah Gmiqh and pour copious oil and leaves the heated Dlerjh high heat then pour the dumplings balls and even Taathmr to mature and We turn them over rising oil.
  • Get out of the oil dumplings and Ngmrha cold syrup.
  • Then let the dumplings until the refinery overload filter diameter.
  • Freshly made dumplings and crispy.

Decking as desired, add a little finely ground pistachios on the face of the pills and can add a little powdered sugar on the face, you can eat dumplings with cold cream, where they give a mild taste and delicious.

And Sahtin and wellness.


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