Way home decorating

Way home decorating


  • 1 home decoration industry
  • 2 Use the tools used
  • 3 coating the walls of the house
  • 4 Home Lighting
  • 5 home decorating plants
  • 6 Treasury Order books
  • 7 References

Industry home decorations

It can be set up home decoration and manufacture instead of buying them, and there are some simple projects for decorating; Such as: making and sew couch cushions, or drawing on the walls manually using crayons, or the use of wood residues, posters and graphics for wall distinctive and special, in addition to the use of photographs or images in public places for the walls of the house instead of buying works of art in charge, not limited this way to save money, but also include personal information to reflect, as it increases the opportunity to learn new skills. [1]

Use the tools used

Can decorate the house through the use of the tools used in ancient times, Examples include: bottles, vases, frames, old photos, curtain wall, etc. of the tools that require the addition of a small touch to show the beauty of the house, and helps change places some of the things in the house surroundings give Beauty and his new appearance. [1]

Paint the walls of the house

The re-design of the house is very beautiful and can be done through walls coating, where this helps to breathe new life inside, and can decorate and beautify some of the elements of the house damaged or lost its color through the use of paint; To give a new look to him, and it must be said that the use of colors in rooms dark paint can bring a sense of satisfaction and comfort. [1]

Home Lighting

Use many of the houses special wax lamps in bedrooms, but these lamps lack the sophistication and sophistication, so it can be replaced with lamps table "table lamps", they are distinct and the availability of funds, where they are searched for in the savings shops, and perhaps the best way to increase its beauty and newness is a coating its base. [2]

Home decorating plants

Is home decorating plants, one of the easiest and most surprising, and all it takes is the development of a cactus plant, or plant Alvelodandron, for example, on a side table or a table in one corner of the house, where he will give a scene unique to him, and attention must be paid to plant and keep it alive, [2 ] can use some of the branches of the trees, garlands and roses for the manufacture of small evergreen trees, and can then be placed on the dining table or coffee table, and this method is characterized by a lack of cost for the use of plant residue. [3]

Order bookcase

Need wardrobe home books, especially those containing paper books, old textbooks, and wrote the college to re-organize and arrange, where these can be grouped books, arranged horizontally and vertically, and combined with some accessories, and this work as a way to decorate the house and beautifying. [2 ]


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