Way peanut butter

Way peanut butter

Considered peanut butter a tastier foods that are preferred by many taken as representing a new species and different from the foods that people loved at all ages, and is a lot of people ready purchase it from the market because they believe they are not considered easy meals to prepare so resort recipes ready-made ones, but often does some work this recipe ready at home, where they are prepared in different ways, many prefer to use one of these methods in the easy setup and preparation the following is one of these simple ways:


  • The amount of roasted peanuts and without any additives such as salt and oil.

How to prepare:

  • At first, we put the amount of roasted peanuts without additives in a blender and mixing until we grind well and let the blender works a period of time equivalent to about five minutes.
  • Then we will get it like a smooth, soft and let it become even more smooth period of time.
  • And then make sure that it all became smooth and quantity Naanh and where there are no lumps.
  • Having to make sure that it has become quite soft note that it will contain the amount of oil and note that the strength has become like butter.
  • So we have got a soft butter and we can use them and store them in an appropriate container.
  • So make sure saved well we have to store it in the appropriate container for two weeks and then at room temperature, but if we are more saved Vendaha in the refrigerator here will remain valid for the use of six weeks for the reason that the butter does not none of the preservatives contain so do not we must save them well.
  • Of the most important additions represented by these butter add chocolate and leave it in a hot water bath until the melt together and compiled format become like dough.

Thus, we note we get some kind of tastier types of butter representing different add-on foods and give them a taste delicious and tasty, as well as all this, note the way the finite in the ease with which we have in which to prepare the butter, where we did not use any type of harmful additives preservatives such as materials, for example, but on Conversely benefited from the amount of oil in the peanut itself without the need to add more oils and fats, as well as note that they are of great health benefit as possible for the person to accrue through dealt with apart from the economic benefits that will derive because of the preparation at home, as we have said earlier are recipes expensive and that may weigh heavily on the person while buying continuously from the markets.


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