Way to lose buttocks

Way to lose buttocks


  • 1 exercise to lose buttocks
  • 2 Eat foods to lose buttocks
  • 3 Tips to reduce fat buttocks area
  • 4 References

Exercise to lose buttocks

There are several exercises to lose buttocks, including: [1]

  • Running: The running of the exercises cardiovascular that contribute to fat burning in the rear area and buttocks, whether running on the ground or on a treadmill, it is possible to practice any other exercises is running like riding a bike, or swimming, or another exercise helps the movement of the buttocks; Where he preferred to repeat it three times a week for 45-60 minutes.
  • Exercise squat: exercise this exercise in a standing position by keeping feet apart from each other display shoulders, and put your hands on the head from both sides while maintaining that the back straight, look forward, swallowing the abdomen to the inside, and then the body cut down from by bending the knees until Tsubhan parallel to the ground, and then the pressure on the heel of the feet to stand up straight again and to repeat the exercise.
  • Jumping squat: This can implement exercise to leave a large distance between the legs, and make the toes bent by 45 degrees, with the body cut towards the ground to form the knees 90 degree angle, and then jump strongly to the top and back to the starting location on the ground, keep to be the arms on the sides or forward, and repeat this exercise focuses on the rear and inner buttocks.

Eat foods to lose buttocks

Of the best foods to lose buttocks: [2]

  • Fruits: Although fruits contain sugar, but it does not raise blood sugar levels, and do not promote fat stocks, and do not raise the proportion of insulin, because the sugar content in the fruit is refined and processor, and therefore can be replaced by snacks such as candy, ice cream sugar-containing fruits.
  • Vegetables: eat vegetables instead of foods that contain high calories contributes to the loss of body fat, especially the rear area and buttocks except potatoes.
  • Foods rich in protein: It is recommended to eat foods rich in protein and fat-free, such as fish, fish of salmon, flounder, they help to reduce weight, and significantly reduce calorie intake, where it can be ingested instead of high-fat foods, such as beef, red meat .

Tips to reduce fat buttocks area

Can reduce fat buttocks area by following a set of tips: [3]

  • Reduced calorie: Reduce calories mean greater loss of calories, whether eating foods that contain fewer calories or exercising, thus reducing the size of the body and the buttocks.
  • Carbohydrate intake and health: as it is an important food system, it provides the body with energy, and keeps the metabolism, fat also helps the digestive system to absorb vitamins, and examples of carbohydrates that contain unsaturated fats: salmon, nuts, olive oil, avocado, also there are carbohydrates that provide the body with fiber and energy and maintain the level of insulin, including: brown rice, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, bread containing whole wheat grains.
  • Get the dairy and protein: Obtaining a sufficient amount of dairy products and protein helps build muscles of the body; So the richness of these products nutrient, Examples include: cheese, milk, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, turkey, eggs, and fish.
  • Get rid of harmful foods: The elimination of fat in the body is by cutting calories by moving away from junk food and soda, as well as drinking water frequently, eating vegetables and fruits.


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