Ways to get rid of the smell of garlic

Ways to get rid of the smell of garlic


  • 1 fresh fruits and vegetables
  • 2 mint gum
  • 3 milk
  • 4 green tea
  • 5 way metal spoon
  • 6 References

Fresh fruits and vegetables

It is recommended to take fresh plants, such as: apples, or spinach, or mint to get rid of the smell of garlic, especially if the amount of garlic that have been eating great, advised eating apples if you wish something sweet, or chew mint leaves fresh, where some studies have indicated The chemical composition of the apple and mint removes the smell of garlic from the mouth, and the green tea and lemon juice can lead the same purpose. [1]

Mint gum

Chewing gum is a mint-flavored easy ways to get rid of the smell of garlic, where they can remove the odor temporarily, as it reduces the acidity caused by eating garlic, and its effects after digestion. [1]

the milk

Recent studies suggest that drinking a glass of milk with or after a meal rich in garlic would reduce the concentration of compounds that cause bad smell in the mouth, but it is advisable to have whole milk, it is more effective in removing the smell of garlic from skim milk. [2]

Green tea

It helps to drink a cup of green tea after eating garlic to hide the strong smell, where studies suggest that green tea is very effective in removing odors from the mouth; As a mouthwash, which is used to remove plaque and odors, as antiseptic works Lye odors if drunk after eating compounds is considered. [2]

Way metal spoon

It is recommended in a way metal spoon to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth, so by taking a spoon of stainless steel (in English: stainless steel), and moved around the mouth, so touch all leather surfaces where including the tongue and its aspects, and continue to rotate the spoon upside down even touches the tongue from beginning to end, where it reacts with garlic iron compounds to make the smell more neutral. [3]


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