Ways to lose weight as soon as possible

Ways to lose weight as soon as possible


  • 1 attention to breakfast
  • 2 performance of aerobic exercise
  • 3 green tea
  • 4 Important Tips
  • 5 References

Interests breakfast

Considered meals are very important daily three, but breakfast is the main meal that helps to lose weight quickly, and this is recommended to take between 400 to 500 calories at breakfast, so containing protein such as eggs, unsweetened yogurt and nuts, in addition to fiber found in fruits, as the start of the day meal contains a proportionate and small amounts of sugar helps to lose weight quickly. [1]

Aerobic exercise performance

Considered to exercise on a daily basis, one of the fastest ways to lose weight, where it is possible to exercise jogging or swimming, to activate the process of metabolism, which need more than 24 hours after the termination of exercises to return to normal levels in the body. [2]

Green tea

The results of a study conducted in the state of Pennsylvania showed that green tea contains a compound ((epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), and this helps to drink before bedtime to minimize weight gain, it is advisable to drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day, with the addition of a little tea cayenne pepper or ginger tea. [3]

Important Tips

When should you desire weight loss quickly, follow these steps to avoid falling problems: [4]

  • Determine the weight to be lost, and the time it needs a person to reach the ideal weight, knowing that your body when you follow any system weight loss, lose the first two weeks weight faster than the rest of the weeks rate.
  • Drink a lot of fluids, such as water, natural juices, and a lot of proteins that give a long a feeling of fullness and reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Avoid eating junk food from restaurants.
  • Reduce the proportion of carbohydrates, although it is beneficial to the body, but it is possible to do without.
  • Eating too much leafy vegetables; Because it is rich in fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness, and reduce calories.


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