What are the benefits Alill oil

What are the benefits Alill oil

Blepharis plant

Blepharis plant species belongs to the thorny plants Aloguentah durable, and has a height of 30 centimeters, and is characterized by coarse, which tends his cards color to silver gray, there are papers in four rows of approximately 6 centimeters in length.

This plant cultivation spread dramatically in the areas of character of the desert around the world; Where it grows in high-temperature and dry heat environments, particularly in the Arab world regions of the Arabian Peninsula quasi, and the Sinai desert in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and there are several special names plant; Where it is called "marinade", "and Shaah", or "plant blepharis", or "turbid lizard" or "Shah", or "meningitis", or "Zgv", or "thorn Wolf", and is different from the name used ratio of the state which grows by the plant.

The plant is divided into two basic types Alill, namely: blepharis slave; Which is growing particularly in the Levant region, and blepharis Mahdb; Which is growing particularly in the Levant and Egypt, and can be used as a plant lizard by drying the seeds and then crushed, and finally burn them well for Alill powder, it contains a plant on a wide range of useful and effective materials, including: alkaloids and flavonoids, and sterols, and tannins.

Oil Benefits Alill

  • Rid the body of aches and pain associated with cases of inflammatory arthritis, muscle, and the treatment of various bone diseases and back pain; Through fat vegetable oil lizard on the affected area of ​​pain well, and Tdena gently.
  • Treatment of cough, and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with colds, colds and flu.
  • Treatment of sexual problems of weakness, and the strengthening of sexual desire in men and women.
  • The fight against various infections, and contribute to the healing of wounds a relatively short time, as well as to stop the bleeding; Thanks it contains elements of natural antioxidant, can also be used for these purposes plant the seeds as well.
  • Diuresis, and rid the body of toxins stored in it, and plant flowers are also used in general to get rid of the stomach and pain associated with those diseases.
  • Strengthen eyesight, and the treatment of eye infections, and white water, and is widely used for the manufacture of the eye as a solution.

The plant lizard and olive oil are many health benefits to the human body as previously mentioned, but it should be used and certain limited quantities; Because the use of excessive quantities of a body to health complications and may display unwanted results; Preferably consult your doctor or nutrition Okhaddaia by people who suffer from a disease before resorting to the use of plant Alill and olive oil and make sure it can be used.


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