What are the benefits Aloskdnaa

What are the benefits Aloskdnaa


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  • 3.1 food ingredients in Aloskdnaa
  • 3.2 Studies on the benefits of Aloskdnaa
  • 3.3 Benefits of boiled leaves Aloskdnaa
  • 4 damage Aloskdnaa
  • 5 Is Aloskdnaa useful for slimming paper
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The Aloskdnaa (in English: Loquat) of permanent fruit trees evergreen subtropical, scientific Eriobotrya japonica and its name, and back Originating to the southeast of China, has more than two thousand years old planted, and then spread the newly cultivated for commercial purposes in more than 30 different around the world state , known as Aloskdnaa different names, including: medlar, or Alepeshmlh, or apricot Indian, also known in some local dialects on behalf of Aloki minimum, and Oskidnya, and Naspola, also called Bossaa in Tunisia, and the banter in Morocco, and Arnot in some other local dialects. [1]

The advantage Aloskdnaa easily peeled and taken up after the removal of the outer shell and seeds, and can be addressed as well as other types of fruits such as oranges, sliced ​​bananas, grated coconut, which is characterized by the taste especially delicious when ingested cooked with the addition of a little sugar to her, can also be used in sweets gelatin, or filler for pies, or shredded and cooked for use Ksalsh for food, [2] and to the side of the fruit are seeds are also edible, it can be used as a substitute for coffee, so as to possess a bitter taste similar to the taste of coffee. [3]

The nutritional value of the loquat

The following table shows the value of the nutrients found in 100 grams of Aloskdnaa: [4]

Benefits Aloskdnaa

Food ingredients in Aloskdnaa

  • A good source of dietary fiber: Aloskdnaa contain pectin, it contributes 70% of the total cell wall components of the sugars in the edible parts of the fruit. [5]
  • A rich source of vitamin B 6: The Aloskdnaa source of vitamin B6 and folate, these vitamins are important for energy production, and the formation of blood cells. [6]
  • Rich source Balkorotanat: The carotenoids of the important elements of the work of vitamin A in the body, which is necessary to improve vision, strengthen the immune system, cellular growth. [6]

Studies on the benefits of Aloskdnaa

  • A study published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal in 2010 on mice conducted, to see the effect Aloskdnaa reduce fat levels, and the risk of diabetes and were given a group of them Aloskdnaa for 4 weeks, it was noted then that Aloskdnaa may be useful in reducing the risk of excessive blood lipids and reduce the risk of diabetes. [7]
  • Laboratory study published in the Food Chemistry magazine in 2008 showed that the loquat role in reducing inflammation, as observed high anti-protein levels of inflammation, which is known Bantrlukin -10 (in English: Interleukin 10) significantly when you add Aloskdnaa to the test tubes, as noted a decrease in the levels of cytokine induced inflammation, but there is still a need to confirm these results on humans. [8]
  • A study published in Animal cells magazine and systems in was conducted in 2017, about the biological characteristics of the plant Aloskdnaa and the role of dander to reduce the spread of cancer cells, and the results showed that the peel fruit Aloskdnaa associated with low activity of cancer cells in the bladder, and reduce the risk of proliferation. [9]
  • Showed a preliminary study published in Food and chemical toxicology magazine in 2011, it can extract Aloskdnaa reduce oxidative stress, which is one of the main causes of memory problems, as well as reducing the risk of cognitive deficient. [10]
  • Conducted a preliminary study published in the Journal of Journal of Natural Products, to know the role of Aloskdnaa in the fight against viral infections, and noted that it reduced the nasal virus infection significantly, so as to contain compounds known as Triterpene. [11]

Benefits of boiled leaves Aloskdnaa

You can use leaves Aloskdnaa in tea, it has the characteristics of comfort, and believed that it contains anti-oxidant compounds, [12] In addition, it is possible to reduce the risk of low bone mineral density, as conducted a study published in the Journal of Journal of Agricultural and food Chemistry in 2014, a group of female mice getter ovarian, as given leaf supplements Aloskdnaa food by 5%, and found that they significantly reduce the loss of bone mineral density resulting from the eradication of the ovary, but still there is a need to conduct further studies of these to confirm results on humans. [13]

Aloskdnaa damage

Studies do not exist showing the existence of the harmful effects of loquat in particular, but it is worth noting that some people are advised to avoid ingested for several reasons, such as people who suffer from intolerance Alfodmap (in English: FODMAP), a short chain of carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the intestine, so Aloskdnaa may cause problems in the digestive system among these people. [14]

Is Aloskdnaa useful for slimming paper

No information about the benefits of paper Aloskdnaa Shapers are available, and it should be noted that there is no particular reason to be overweight or obese, as can not be one kind of food that alone leads to weight loss as well, but there are some ways that can be followed to reduce weight healthily , and among these things add vegetables to your shopping list as an essential component, and planning meals depending on them. [15]


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