What are the benefits of marjoram for hair

What are the benefits of marjoram for hair


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  • 3.1 marjoram and olive oil
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  • 3.3 boiled marjoram


Marjoram is a plant-like mint in the form of a perennial plant that grows in cold regions and areas of the Mediterranean Sea, also grows in the Arabian Peninsula region, China, India, Europe, America, and contains a high proportion of volatile oils, and thymol compound, and Alcavacrol, materials Afsih, and resin materials, a plant with medical benefits great, it helps the hormonal balance of the body for different ages, and is reduced good for blood pressure, it also lowers sugar, and is a counter good antioxidant, treats arthritis and rheumatism pain, also has aesthetic benefits for the skin and hair.

Benefits Marjoram Hair

  • Is considered a panacea marjoram for the hair, it can be used for hair Tenaimh and remove the crust from it.
  • Is a strong nutritious plant hair, Viawwadh internal missing elements resulting from lack of food, which contributes to preventing hair loss and prevent brittleness.
  • It is a natural moisturizer for the hair and give him the luster and sparkle.
  • Strengthens the hair follicles and roots, it helps to grow and prevent brittleness.

Ways to use marjoram Hair

Marjoram is used in many ways is considered safe to use almost all of the results, but a pregnant woman should refrain from eating; Because it aborts the fetus, and the most important ways useful in the use of marjoram to benefit the hair as follows:

Marjoram and olive oil

Add a little green marjoram to a little hot olive oil, then left to cool down, and cover the pot located in it, and then throughout the leaves night, on the second day massaged hair before showering four hours, and covers the hair cover of nylon, wash after shampoo and conditioner and rinse well .

Vinegar and marjoram

Is a mixture of work of marjoram and vinegar where added half a bag of marjoram to two cups of water and leave boiling on the fire, then add half a cup of apple to vinegar, then the mixture is placed in a jar, and leaves to be used after a week on the hair, is placed on the hair and leaves before showering Two hours.

Boiled marjoram

Little put green marjoram in a bowl, then add three cups of boiling water to marjoram, and put water on the fire, and leaves to boil, then leave to cool and filtered mixture is placed in a bottle, and is eating a cup of it every morning on a daily basis for a month to get good results, and that this method is useful in the treatment of embrittlement.


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