What are the materials that attracted by the magnet

What are the materials that attracted by the magnet


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Materials that attracted magnet

Considered electromagnetic materials and thermal magnetism of combustible materials attracted toward the magnet at temperatures certain, ie, it behaves like iron if they are placed in a magnetic field, and the reason lies in the emergence of magnetic force to the movement of electrons rotational and orbital, and the way they interact with each other, so varied materials in magnetic capabilities, and is Almngenat of material attracted by the magnet, as it consists of a substance Veramagenatek known iron oxide (Fe3O4) in addition to the structure of spinel, heat dramatically affect the properties of magnetic materials, which result in lowering the temperature or raise it above the level required to occur interactions of magnetic random materials. [1]

Magnetic force

Is one manifestation of the electromagnetic force arising from the force produced by magnets which, substances that produce fields characteristics may be attractive or repulsive to other materials, consisting of magnetic force by the charged particles movement electrically, so that depends the amount of power that affect the charged particle on several factors, such as: the size of the shipment, and the speed of the particle, and magnetic field strength, and scientific experiments showed differences noticeable in the amount of magnetic force produced from the material to another material, so considered made materials of iron from stronger materials that form a permanent magnetic field and clearly. [2]

Uses magnet

There are many uses of magnets important in our daily lives, including the following: [3]

  • Enters the generator industry; And its ability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa.
  • Enters in the manufacture of both electrical bells and sound amplifiers in order to convert electrical energy into sound energy.
  • Compass is used in the industry, which is used for the purpose of identifying trends.
  • Enters the doors of refrigerators in the industry; So as to ensure the closure of the refrigerator as required.
  • It enters in many industry of electrical appliances, such as: radio, television, and phones.
  • It is used in the separation of magnetic materials for Allamagnatisah materials.

Video What do you know about the magnet

For information about the magnet watched the video. [4]


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