What are the similarities

What are the similarities


  • 1 Alum
  • 2 medical uses alum
  • 3 cases can be treated Balhbh
  • 4 warnings frequently uses alum


Is a chemical compound consisting of alum, contains this stone on two types of salt, namely, sulphate potassium water and aluminum, it is called many names of which broke heart broke out exchange, as it is at the Union of each of these those who are persistent consists of a binary salt fixed crystals, and best similarity types are white transparent water-soluble or liquid glycerin.

There are many uses for semi-including aesthetic, medical, therapeutic but must beware of frequent use and distinguish them from other types of existing markets, as it is there as well as potassium alum, and grew aluminum and sodium and these types are used to sterilize and disinfect the water, and dyeing leather, and install the colors of clothing, The manufacture of cement and minerals and its causes to the nervous system.

Medical uses of alum

  • Remove the smell of sweat from the armpit.
  • Working on drying liquid saliva.
  • Operate astringent blood vessels and wounds.
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting.
  • Removing rust from copper pots and silver.
  • Working to cleanse the mouth and remove tooth pain.
  • Alleviate bleeding wounds.
  • Working to narrow the vagina.
  • Lift the body.

Cases can be treated Balhbh

  • Treatment of gum flaccid that cause salivation during sleep, by making a solution of warm water, with half a teaspoon of alum, and is rinsing out twice a day.
  • Treatment of bleeding that occurs after intercourse.
  • Handling and proves moving teeth, by mixing one tablespoon of honey with vinegar, where they are placed on the teeth.
  • Treatment of scabies, by cooking the amount of alum, with the same amount of honey, and several fresh grape leaves, and then placed on the affected places.
  • Treatment of white spots that appear on the nail, by mixing the amount of alum with warm water, and then put both feet with water for a period of twenty minutes.
  • Treatment of gum disease and inflammation.
  • Skin whitening, and by adding a tablespoon of alum, with a spoonful of turmeric, and a little natural lemon juice, and then put it on the skin.
  • The treatment of nausea and vomiting.
  • Treatment of blood and bleeding wounds.

Is prepared alum with many recipes to get the desired result, where he and most of the recipes are added honey to alleviate and strength on the skin, and is alleviated with water and used as a raw material due to the cause of the damage and damage to the nerves, and the state used to remove the smell of sweat is added Ravalkamih of alum against which three times of talcum powder or baby powder, and then put it on the body.

Warnings of the uses of alum repeatedly

  • Frequent use leads to lung disease.
  • It prefers not to inhale vapor alum by children.
  • Many causes of respiratory diseases and bronchitis.


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