What colors of the rainbow order

What colors of the rainbow order


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Colors of the rainbow

Rainbow consists of many visible colors that include red, orange, yellow color, green color, color blue, indigo, and violet color arranged from the outside inside, [1] This also has nearly a million color in the rainbow, but these colors are invisible; So I can not see them like all the other colors. [2]

How to be a rainbow

Rainbow is formed when light passes issued by the sun's rays through water droplets that are stuck in the atmosphere, which leads to a change in the direction of light waves while crossing water droplets, thereby creating the processes of reflection and refraction, and when the light is reflected from a drop of water, it falls back in the direction the opposite, released him, and when it breaks it exhibits in different directions, and when the rainbow occur, the white light passing in a drop of water bend in several directions, and then up the light waves bend the other side of the water drop, and reflected again from the drop rather than crossing out directly , shows that light refracted Koloan separate human eye; Because of the separation of white light into the water droplets. [3]

It should be the sun and water drops perfectly appropriate for the viewer; To see a rainbow, it must be the sun behind the person viewer, low in the sky at an angle less than 42 degrees above the horizon, the more was the sun low in the sky whenever enables the viewer to see the bow, this should also be the rain, or fog, or any other source of water droplets in front of the viewer so that he can see the rainbow. [4]

Cause the appearance of different colors of the rainbow

Cause of the appearance of different colors of the rainbow is due to the different wavelengths of the light of the sun, where some wavelengths bow down by less than others; Red, which has the longest such as color wavelength of visible light, while some wavelengths bend by greater than others; Violet, which has shorter such as color wavelength of visible light; So layered light when he came out of the water drop to all lengths Mujath forming a rainbow, so that the color red at the top of the rainbow, violet color at the bottom. [5]

How to be a secondary rainbow arc

It can dim secondary rainbow arc appears above the primary rainbow arc; Due to the occurrence of a second reflection inside the drop, which leads to the exit of light reflected at an angle of 50 degrees instead of 42 degrees, a degree of reflection of the primary rainbow; This secondary rainbow above the base rainbow appears, but it shows the opposite order of the colors, so that the color red at the bottom, and violet at the top. [5]


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