What do you feel the cancer patient

What do you feel the cancer patient


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Classifies cancer as a group of conditions that share all of the increased rate of growth and proliferation of cells of the body, but have these spread disease cells to nearby tissues, and it has cancer begins in any cell in the body, whatever its location, in a healthy body cells grow and divide to be new cells according to the body's need, and when you grow these cells or inflict particular damage to die and be replaced by other new cells. What happens in cancer is a disorder of the organization in this process; Cells that are supposed to die, remain in the body, and the production of new cells without the need for them, and then multiply these new cells without stopping this is called glioma. Characterized by tumor invasion feature cells and the surrounding tissue, and they can also invade distant organs by the transfer of cancer cells through the blood or lymphatic vessels. There are more than one hundred type of cancer is usually named proportion to the organ or tissue that originated from it, and has some cancer tumors are called according to the type of cell ingredient; Kouram epithelial cells, for example. [1]

Symptoms of cancer

Cancer symptoms and signs of several, but they may resemble other diseases, so you should see a doctor when there are those symptoms. It may produce signs of cancer due to either influence the function of the affected organ, or by clicking on the members surrounding the tumor, or spread to other members and others. The most important symptoms felt by the cancer patient following: [2] [3]

  • General feeling tired severe: Although it is a common display is accompanied by a lot of other diseases, but fatigue may be a sign of the spread of cancer cells in the body, as it appears when a tumor in the colon.
  • Weight loss and severe unjustified: any weight loss if it suddenly or without a known cause of its occurrence is a serious matter may indicate the incidence of cancer.
  • Breast changes: since the breast tumors of the most common tumors in women, and fortunately most of them are benign, however, attention should be paid to any change it; As a change skin around the breast so that it becomes coarse, color red, or exit discharge from the nipple, or to turn the nipple itself inside.
  • Changes in the output: Kalasabh diarrhea or constipation severe, especially if the patient suffered a sudden and continuous, or that the patient feels a lot of gases in the abdomen, or severe abdominal pain. All these symptoms may indicate the presence of a tumor in the colon. It is recommended to conduct the process of colonoscopy colonic regularly after the age of fifty.
  • Sense of bloat continued: especially among women, although the large number of gases is considered normal to have, if the long continued and did not respond to the treatment, or if accompanied by weight loss or bleeding, it may be an indication of ovarian cancer.
  • Bleeding in the time of the menstrual cycle: so many reasons had to see a doctor if it occurs; It may be accompanied by cancer of the uterus lining. It should be noted to the importance of a review of the doctor in the event of vaginal bleeding in women after menopause.
  • Bleeding from the anus: Although there are more common causes of bleeding hemorrhoids anal Kalasabh for example, but the bleeding continued for a long time, or if accompanied by anemia due to severe bleeding may be an early indication of the incidence of rectal cancer.
  • Changes in the skin: the size or changes color or shape of a mole that already exist, or that new patches appear on the skin.
  • Changes in urination: There are certain symptoms may indicate the incidence of prostate cancer; Urine XLS, or leaking urine, or failure the ability to urinate even though there is need for it, or difficulty urinating. Prostate cancer comes more common in patients over sixty years. The presence of blood with urine may accompany the incidence of bladder cancer or kidney.
  • Changes in the lymph glands: the doctors are usually advised to go see them if you notice any swelling of the emergence of the patient or a tumor in the body, whatever its location or size, these may be lymph glands bulges overgrown. The lymph glands are small-sized blocks are present in the entire body working to protect it from infection, and swollen is usually a sign of infection or inflammation of infection, as well as may swell or increase in size when leukemia or lymphoma cancer (lymphoma).
  • The feeling of pain in the back constantly, it may be an indication that the spread of the tumor to the spine.
  • Persistent cough, especially if accompanied by blood out, you may be injury Balstaal caused by lung cancer.
  • Difficulty swallowing: it shows, if repeated several times, the incidence of stomach or esophageal cancer, particularly if accompanied by severe vomiting.
  • High body temperature continuously and do not respond to the drugs, as may be associated with cancer infection in the blood.

Treatment of cancer

Cancer treatment depends on many factors; Knuah, and the extent of its spread in the body, as well as the patient's age and general health condition and others. Cancer is usually one kind and does not respond only treatment, and it requires the use of more than one way to eliminate it. The common methods of cancer treatment shall be as follows: [4]

  • Surgery: It is the oldest known methods, and useful in the absence of the spread of the disease.
  • Radiation shall be shed a certain amount of high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy: The use of chemical compounds is working to break down proteins and DNA in cancer cells and to prevent their reproduction and thus destroy them.
  • Immune therapy: This therapy aims to strengthen the body's immunity against the patient's tumor, and be injected certain compounds in the affected area.
  • Gene therapy: be the replacement of the genes responsible for the tumor to be healthy ones.

Video symptoms of cancer

Watch the video to know the symptoms of cancer:


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