What do you mean IT

What do you mean IT

information Technology

Shortcut (IT) means IT (information Technology), which is a broad competence of care technologies and its environs, which relate to the treatment and management of information, especially in large organizations, known as "information technology" as the study, design, development, support and activation of information systems that have their dependence on computer and is interested in using the computer and software applications to transform and protect, store, send, processing and retrieval of information security.

Dealing with information in particular electronic computer and existing software technology in order processing and storage of information and convert them, in addition to information retrieval and transfer, so-called professionals of computers, software and computing the "IT professionals"; As the section which deals with software technologies and reticulocytes in any organization or a company called Information Technology Department, or Department of Information Systems, or organization service department, or the Department of Management Information Systems.

About the history of Information Technology

Human Use different tools and devices to do calculations since ancient times, and may have been initially used the stick in the calculation of statistics and operations; Where the machine "Antikythera Mechanism" is considered the first human machines used at the beginning of the first century BC, and was considered the first mechanical computers analogue known at the time; You did not know where analogue devices directed at the continent of Europe until the sixteenth century, and in the year 1645 AD the first machine appeared arithmetic can carry out the four basic arithmetic operations.

IT security check

A security audit of the computer, known as a technical evaluation of automated or manual, which be measurable, and is performed on an application or a system; Where manual evaluation includes Ajramkablat staff, as well as performance testing operations security gaps and operation of control and review the application to gain access to the system and physical analysis systems, the automated assessment or the so-called techniques of auditing through the computer help, it includes the creation of reports to audit the system, or through the use of programming in order to monitor changes in the settings, files, and reporting, and can major PC computers, servers, systems and routers Mahmullac network, in addition to applications include web services, database and Oracle data, Almaekerosowic for example.

Operations are conducted audits of the security computer through the following:

  • Accountants or auditors of information systems, or communications and computing office.
  • Internal auditors in the company, such as (CISA), and Certified Accountants.
  • Security officers who are in the company, such as: information systems security professionals, and managers of security.
  • IT staff and support staff.


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