What is meant by sustainable development

What is meant by sustainable development


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Development is defined as the ability of the state to increase various resources; Of human resources, economic, natural, social, and strengthened; In order to achieve the results of higher production to meet the basic needs of the majority of its citizens, enabling them to submit their demands and their rights to governments. And apply the concept of development at the level of the populist and community, but it is also applied at the level of individuals in the sense of the individual development itself, and the development of cognitive abilities, cultural, productive, and enriching life commensurate with the requirements of modern civil. The briefing issues such as sustainable development is important and necessary to absorb a large part of the concept of the broad development. [1] [2]

sustainable development

According to the report of the Brundtland Commission (English: Brundtland Commission's Report) in 1987 under the title (Our Common Future), the concept has become a sustainable development known and used, it has identified the World Commission on Environment and Development (in English: WCED) a special definition of it as a development that meets the needs of the present (without compromising the future generations the ability to meet their own needs), it helped this report to understand that fall under the sustainable development kit pillars to achieve them, such as: preserving the integrity of the environment, and to satisfy the humanitarian needs of the President, and the achievement of social justice, and to provide solidarity and community multiple. It was the output of this definition, the realization that sustainable development includes a number of diverse areas, and these valuable areas of ecological, economic and social. [1] [3] [4]

The importance of sustainable development

Sustainable development is an issue that is difficult to handle and apply, or even overcome obstacles to achieve them; It consists of a large bundle of reasoning, due to the nature of the subject and complexity, it is the perfect knowledge of its importance to reach understanding and awareness of a comprehensive, population are the bedrock that pushes forward the sustainable development forward, thus showing the importance of sustainable development represented by the following: [5] [6 ]

  • Provision of key humanitarian needs: such as shelter, food, and water, using renewable and sustainable alternative energy based on fossil fuel energy.
  • Agricultural requirements: the use of sustainable farming methods such as seed planting technique (seed) effective, and the technique of crop rotation, where these technologies contribute to reducing soil erosion, and maintain their health, and to increase the productivity of fertility.
  • Climate variability management: sustainable development methodology seeks to reduce the use of fossil fuel sources, such as: oil, natural gas, and coal are affecting the climate and cause greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Balance and financial stability: financial stability can be achieved from sustainable development practices, The development of renewable energy technologies can create jobs as a substitute for continuous restricted technology functions of fossil fuel sources.
  • Protection of biodiversity: the practices of this kind of permanent development promotes renewable energy resources of venture and use organic farming practices dictate that do not emit any greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps the plant diversity, and reduce air pollution.

Sustainable development goals

Multiple basic goals of sustainable development; It aims, for example, but not limited to: [7]

  • Reduce the depletion of natural resources.
  • Creating a development that can be protected and sustained without damaging the environment.
  • Saving contemporary development methods, and investing in environmentally friendly projects.

In addition, international organizations such as the United Nations, non-governmental organizations (in English: NGOS), manages efforts to ensure the achievement of the purposes of the development of individuals in various fields, and the most important goals of development of permanent set by such bodies as follows: [7]

  • To get rid of poverty in the world.
  • Strengthen good health and well-being.
  • Savings quality education for all.
  • Saving clean water and sanitation.
  • The construction of a strong infrastructure, support industry, and embrace innovation.
  • Enable access to energy at reasonable cost, and without damaging the environment.
  • Enable gender equality.

Cons of sustainable development

Some think that the process of sustainable development is a positive process purely absolutely, but much left out about the existence of dimensions of side negative to her, not everything that glitters is gold apart from that good Alnuya, but the process of sustainable development in some of its reasoning may require full energy that supplies dispensed with people are pre-requisites of modern life, and modify the infrastructure, and this conversion in consumption patterns will cost large amounts of heavy burdens; Specifically on developing countries, and in some cons of sustainable development: [8] comes

  • Unemployment in some areas: Ttlebatt sustainable development is the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and be achieved only by reducing many of its industries, or even stopped, and this in turn leads to widespread unemployment, especially among individuals who have devoted their lives to work in one sector, such as: industry coal.
  • Lack of seriousness in the commitment: the transition to an environmentally sound industry is costly and difficult, which may create a risk in the lack of seriousness of the commitment undertaken by the community, the results that intends to get them in total are long-term.
  • More requirements: bear companies and factories and entities part of the responsibility in influencing the safety of the environment, and more requirements for work commitments, such as: reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2), the proper treatment of waste, and this in turn Saatheraly efficiency and work of those companies; Because of the large number of legal requirements.

The future of sustainable development

Study aspirations and trends that devolve to this issue is a vital step to face any obstacles to an emergency, and to predict the future development is difficult; The threat posed by globalization driven by economic insecurity, with the attendant consequences of this, it is growing rapidly; Therefore you must work on the management of natural resources, and track the effects of the change, and propose flexible policies that take as the rights of individuals at risk in the future, that will limit any future risks. [9]

The core of sustainable development

Take a deep development dimension at the individual level; Because it ultimately is an investment in human, especially women and the family, if we invest where we have their development from the social side, cognitive and economic, we do so we have created the cohesive society, it also takes another essential dimension of sustainable development is appealing to maximize human well-being and this can it is achieved if there is property rights because it Alataralve encourages the development, innovation, economic growth; It is the essence of development rather than its opposite. [10]


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