What is our duty towards the homeland

What is our duty towards the homeland


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Home is the land that created by human and inherited, which is the source, who believes in his life requirements of food and drink, clothing and shelter, also affects the formation of personalities of its citizens, including rooting them from the customs, traditions, customs and beliefs, as well as land, water and air effects, heat and neighborhoods that earn citizens similar characteristics .

The country is also known as a physical reality geographical features, forms part of the globe, endemic humans for centuries in interactive and cohesive groups, with a view to achieving an interest in a particular floor spot, so man can not live without a homeland protect him and defend him, and sponsored, and give him different services . [1] [2] [3]

Home components

The homeland of several elements and components not only by his being completed, namely: [4]

  • People: A group of citizens share the same nationality, and binds them belonging to the homeland, and have the desire to provide a range of needs, and solidarity among themselves to do so as to ensure the achievement of these needs.
  • Region: it is part of the earth, and it exercises its power and impose its laws, and is ruled by one governor, as it is a place the stability of the people, the source of the wealth of the state. It divides the territory into the territory of the land; It is the surface of the earth dry state-appointed, and followed by layers of earth, and rose with him from the mountains and hills, and the region of water, which includes the territorial waters and Gaur borders of the state of the seas and what it contained lakes and rivers, and the region of air, and includes the atmosphere above the water and land territory.
  • Authority: The government is exercising authority on behalf of the state, which is what distinguishes the state from the rest of the world.

The duties of a citizen

Law scholars known to be as an obligation may be of a legal or moral nature, which is the opposite word of the rights enjoyed by the citizens of the state, which demonstrates the ethics and laws that must citizen commitment within the community: [5] [6] [7]

  • Loyalty and devotion to the homeland and the love of all citizens, whether they agreed or disagreed together, under what they enjoy common good things, and what they are exposed to the risk of threatening them all, and what makes it home to all citizens.
  • Contribute to the local community through participation initiatives dealing Bnzafth and reconstruction and development and the achievement of social solidarity in it.
  • Maintain state security for refraining from harming the blood of the citizens and their symptoms and their money, and the willingness to sacrifice money and lives in order to defend the homeland.
  • Laws are respected and not violated, and the call for application and confront each of the opposers, resulting in keeping society from chaos and sabotage.
  • Interest in access to the issues affecting society.
  • Not to evade taxes and fees.
  • Work on building the country and submitted each according to what possessed of knowledge and experience and knowledge.
  • Participation in community issues and defend them.
  • The duty to protect and defend freedoms.
  • The protection of state property, public facilities and not to destroy them.
  • The performance of military service Kalkhaddmh.
  • Advice to officials and an initial matter, including the Salah State and integrity.
  • Participation and voting in the elections.

Love in the homeland of Islam

God made the Almighty to protect the homeland and defend jihad in the process, he said in his book Aziz (and knows who Navqgua and told them to come fight in the way of Allah or Adfawa said if we know fighting for Atbanakm are the Kafr that day, the closest of them to the faith they say with their mouths what is not in their hearts, and God knows what indiscreet ). [8] through the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him about his love of Mecca; He said on emigrated from Mecca: (Oh God, you love the country to God, and you love your country, and not detest your family took me out when I departed from you) [9], as close the city confirmed the concept of unity and justice among members of society, and prevented Altzalm among them, and ensured that non-Muslims and with them their rights tolerated and showed them their duties. [10]


Citizenship language reactance weight, taken from the homeland of a house in which he lives rights, according to the partnership between the citizen and the homeland, and in sociology known citizenship as a social between natural members of a political and community interaction, offering the citizen loyalty in exchange for the latter to provide party to protect and regulate this relationship for by the ruling regimes. [11]

Civil rights

The citizen and the duties he must abide by, it has a range of rights must strive to do: [12]

Civil rights

  • The right to a dignified life and humane treatment.
  • Not to be subjected to servitude and imprisoned without reason.
  • The right to own property and mobility.
  • The right to leave the country and return to where he wants inside and housing.
  • The right to protection of the law and equality in front of him.
  • Freedom of thought, belief, and expression of opinion within the limits permitted by law.
  • Not to be subjected to any forced scientific or medical experience.
  • The right to maintain the privacy and home affairs.
  • The right to acquire nationality.

Political Rights

  • The right to vote in parliament and municipalities.
  • The right to influence the political decision.
  • The right to form peaceful assemblies.
  • Access to public jobs.
  • The right to organize political parties and associations.

Cultural, social and economic rights

  • The right to work in appropriate circumstances.
  • The right to housing.
  • The right to health care.
  • Freedom to join trade unions.
  • The provision of social protection.
  • The provision of adequate services for every citizen.
  • The right to adequate food.
  • The right to strike.
  • The right to development.
  • The right to education and culture.
  • Get the minimum social welfare.

Development Patriotism

When he mentions home and the importance of protecting reminds young people as the basis for his or her own, and Imad to offer, and a source of permanent energy renewable driving in the ranks of developed countries, so it is the duty of the generation industry states a young educated and educated leader, is capable of raising the country, and ways to instill the concept of belonging and patriotism in generations: [13]

  • Cooperation between members of the same society to protect the nation from all that threatens security and stability.
  • Positively contribute to the elevation of the country by using all the ways and means available.
  • Concerted efforts to instill belonging to the homeland, in cooperation between institutions, homes, and the media.


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