What is the best wood types for bedrooms

What is the best wood types for bedrooms


  • 1 beech wood
  • 2 Wood Seder
  • 3 How to clean wood 3.1 Clean wood dust 3.2 Clean wood vinegar 3.3 wood polishing vinegar and oil
  • 3.1 Clean wood dust
  • 3.2 Clean wood vinegar
  • 3.3 wood polishing vinegar and oil
  • 4 References


Features beech wood heavy its weight, and its durability and strength, so it was not easy to this cut the tree, until the advent of modern electric saw, and is used in these days for the manufacture of flooring, boxes, furniture, knobs, as well as the tools of wood. [1]

Wood Seder

Wood Seder is a timber task, because of its flexibility, and possession of a finely aside, one of the most wood that is used to make furniture, and for other purposes inside the house, and the advantage of its price is reasonable for its high quality. [2]

How to clean wood

The wood needs to be cleaned ways, and certain materials, because it is sensitive, it has been damaged with time, and can follow the following to clean the way: [3]

Clean wood dust

  • Clean wooden furniture soiled from dust using a vacuum cleaner, or a piece of cloth, and are advised to remove any parts of removable, Kalosaid, for easy cleaning, and access to all the dirty spot.
  • Wash pillows, or hoods only, and make sure the way washed from the label on it, so as not to damage the Qmacha, after cleaning the wood of good and put a pillow clean it, instead of being dirty.

Clean wood vinegar

  • Relieve white vinegar in the water, all three tablespoons of vinegar need one cup of filtered water.
  • Put the amount of the mixture on a piece of cloth, wipe down furniture, or wipe the invisible area, to make sure the solution does not affect them adversely.
  • Moistening cloth after saline make sure not to impact on wood, used to remove dust, and cleaning.

Polishing wood vinegar and oil

  • Relieve vinegar equal amount of olive oil, and should not be a large quantity, just as the desire of the person to be, and you can add a small amount of lemon oil, or fresh lemon juice as well.
  • Scanning a small hidden area of ​​the wood by using the previous solution, to make sure no impact on it.
  • Moistening a piece of cloth with little solution, and wipe the wooden furniture it, and dried, if necessary with a clean, dry cloth.


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