What is the boiling point of methanol

What is the boiling point of methanol


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Boiling point of methanol

Reach the boiling point of methanol to 64.6 degrees Celsius (148.3 Fahrenheit), [1] and reflects the concept of physical to the boiling point temperature during which even the vapor pressure value of the liquid and the value of the external ambient pressure by, so the temperature of the boiling liquid depends on the atmospheric pressure, and when less external pressure value of less than the temperature required for boiling liquid. [2]


Methanol is a material liquid flammable, characterized by the lack of color, is the ingestion of methanol is dangerous and may cause blindness, while alcohol methyl component of the mixture of the solvent with preservatives, is used as a solvent and intermediary within the chemical composition of the process, and is characterized as a toxic substance. [3]

Methanol uses

Is pure methanol liquid of important material in the chemical composition process, where the use of derivatives for the manufacture of a huge number of chemical compounds, including the following: [4]

  • Special purpose pigments.
  • Gum.
  • pharmaceutical.
  • Perfumes.

It is noteworthy to shift a large number of these derivatives to dimethylaniline used in tools for dye industry, material Alformalheid used in the synthesis of dyes process, and enters the seals industry antifreeze in the car (in English: antifreezes), and rocket fuel, and is considered environmentally-friendly fuel, it is essential material for gasoline used in the operation of vehicles, and uses methanol made from wood in the manufacture of ethyl alcohol, which is not fit for drinking. [4]

Methanol industry

Can produce methanol, which can be expressed through the chemical symbol (CH3OH) by chemical composition consisting of the first carbon dioxide, hydrogen gas, it is worth mentioning that it is extracted from the oil, coal, biomass dramatically, and in the future may become Methanol great importance in the development of bio-refineries (refineries), as an alternative means of converting biomass into products suitable for use. [5]


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