What is the CPU indicator

What is the CPU indicator

CPU index

Is an acronym for "Cenral processing unit", a CPU in the computers, which are based calculations in computers, and consists of a chip made of silicon conductive laminated motherboard in a certain way in order to receive data and information from computer parts, and processes it, then sends results to other parts to store them or remove them.

CPU is considered as a computer's brain, but does not think; But it applied the instructions and inputs in the program in addition to all the processes that dealt directly or indirectly. Any computer may contain more than one processor, in addition to these treatments evolve in speed; As anyone who wants to buy a computer, it first asks about the processor speed, and there is a difference between the processor and another processor.

Computer processors

  • Slow processor: the same fast processor work, but the difference that the rapid processor is faster in the output of information.
  • Processors in terms of reliability; The wizard may make a slow computer is unstable.
  • Quick mostly processor is running most programs, but a slow processor may not be able to do so.
  • Power processors in power; Where there are some processors that consume energy, causing problems in the heat, which in turn affect the stability and performance.

The main components of the processor

  • Unit output and input: is that the conduct of operations information to and from the processor; Where you request data and work coordinated with random memory for the functioning of data, part of the central processing unit, and contains a cache memory at the first level.
  • Console: It is that you control the march of data in the processor, and the coordination between the processor parts required for the procedure, in addition, they are making sure the non-existence of any errors in coordination between the various processor parts of the process, so they are considered the mastermind of the processor.
  • Unity floating point: It is part of the processor, and specializes in calculations pertaining to the floating-point, in addition to its role in the acceleration of running programs that depend on decimal numbers, such as three-dimensional games, and engineering drawings.
  • Memory hidden: It is a small memory size is similar to random memory but faster and smaller, and the place is on the system bus between the RAM and the processor; As it is through the work of the wizard to write and read the instructions and data to and from the random is frequently the work, but the problem in random memory is that it is slow compared to the processor; So was hidden memory to increase the speed design.


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