What is the degree of Professor

What is the degree of Professor


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Definition of the degree of Professor

Professor can be described as a professor or faculty member who holds the highest academic degree at a British university, or teacher carries a high degree at an American university. [1]

Degrees Albroofssorah

Can be classified degrees Centesimal or professor to three main categories, namely: [2]

  • Professor-Assistant Professor: is a person who holds a PhD degree or equivalent, showing commitment in teaching, academic work at a high level, and participate in university activities at the department level, at least.
  • Professor-Associate Professor: In general is a person who meets the requirements of appointment as an assistant professor, and has the reputation of a national scholar or professional, shows a high degree of competence in teaching and commitment, and contributes to university activities outside the department.
  • Professor: is the person who meets the conditions of appointment as an Associate Professor and, in addition, he holds a distinguished record of achievements that you earn a national or global reputation high in their respective fields.

This ranks equivalent in the United Kingdom respectively: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Professor, and there is a difference as observed from one area to another in the sense described by Professor, in the United Kingdom meaning which may be referred to him as a professor of North America is different, in North America Description Professor applies to all workers, teachers and academics in the universities, while in the UK and Europe, the description applies to the professor of carrying the highest academic degree thanks to academic achievements, and this is equivalent to the full Albroofssorah in the United States. [3]

How to acquire the degree of Professor

Can acquire the degree of Professor in many European countries such as France, Germany, Italy and others, any academic wishing to upgrade to the degree Albroovissourah-professorships, he must write a document Academy lengthy which refers to the cognitive contributions, through his research, a document to be similar in length, nature doctoral thesis, and are judged by a panel of expert professors in the field of the applicant's research, the process of obtaining approval from the academic community is called to qualify for a professorship (in English: Habilitation).

Slightly different upgrade in the UK to a professorship, do not rely on the previous qualification process, each university has its own policy, and decide who is promoted to a professorship, according to their own standards, and academics who want to upgrade, they should submit an application demonstrates the applicant to meet the standards of the university upgrade, and there is a different way to a professorship in the United Kingdom includes academics simply apply for any "professor" vacancies are advertised, and then undergo a selection process. [3]


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