What is the freezing point

What is the freezing point


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Expresses the concept of freezing temperature material from the temperature at which change the case of material from a liquid to a solid state, and it is not necessary to be a temperature of frozen material equal to the melting point, [1] and increase the temperature of freezing material when raising the pressure value as it happens to the degree of fusion, the freezing point is lower than the melting point in several cases, including the constituent material of the mixture, and some organic compounds, and fat. [2]

Freezing properties

There are several characteristics of the freezing point, including the following: [2]

  • Carrying the solid material formed after the frozen mixture is different from the liquid components of the mixture, as the freezing of the liquid components of the mixture alters the components, thereby reducing the freezing point of the material; It uses this principle in the purification of mixtures, fusion sequential, antifreeze, which separates the components gradually.
  • You must remove the temperature of fusion; It is devoted to the refractory solid class of liquid in order to freeze.
  • You can cool some types of liquids under the freezing point without a solid composition of the crystals.
  • Stimulates the development of the seed crystal in the ultra-liquid cooling process of freezing, and leads to raise fusion temperature to raise the temperature to the freezing point quickly.

Decline in the freezing

A decrease in the freezing property associative in the fluid, occurs due to the addition of dissolved particles in the solvent, and the temperature freezes the material in less than a temperature of fluid freezing pure solution, [3] For example, the freezing temperature of water is less than the degree of sea freezes pure water , feature low freezing point and useful are considered and have many applications, when the salt put on the ice road, mixed with a small amount of water to prevent the melting of ice re-frozen, as the mixing of salt and ice in a bowl or bag over cooler ice, which means that it is possible to use for the manufacture of ice cream. [4]


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