What is the humidity

What is the humidity


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What is the humidity

Can express humidity (relative humidity) as the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percentage of the maximum load of the air of water vapor when the percentage of heat that was measured humidity, for example, can air carry an estimated 2.2 grams of water vapor per cubic meters at ten degrees below zero temperatures, if we found that heat when an estimated 1.1 grams of water vapor per cubic meter, it we can say that the percentage of moisture in the atmosphere equivalent to fifty percent. [1]

How to measure humidity in the air

Can measure the humidity in the air using a device-called Alsaikrometr (English: psychrometer) or Alhaagromitr (English: hygrometer) which uses sensitive from the sensors heat one measure the degree of dry heat and the other measures the moist heat, where heat sensitive wet contains the amount of water at its base to evaporate and absorb heat that would reduce the heat, and to be able to measure the degree of relative humidity, it must be taken my reading sensitive (dry and wet) and find the difference between them, and a device (Alsaikrometr) hanging in the open air until proven reading is recorded. [2]

The effect of moisture

An effect of humidity limit to the reach of all living beings on the face of the earth to the degree of influence over the growth of plants and animals alike, the human it depends in freeing him from excess heat on the natural sweating process, but through exposure to high environments humidity, the rate of evaporation of sweat less where depends blood pressure rate on the amount of the body get rid of excess heat inside through sweating, causing a state of high body temperature (in English: hyperthermia), in addition, the blood is concentrated mostly at the outer surface of the body and less ischemia of internal organs such as the brain, causing a feeling of fatigue and fatigue, Furthermore, all of the effect of the humidity up to electronic devices and industrial equipment in general. [3]


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