What is the importance of electricity

What is the importance of electricity


  • 1 provide security in the community
  • 2 important medical
  • 3 increase farmers' productivity
  • 4 provide transportation and entertainment
  • 5 reduction of isolation
  • 6 growth industries
  • 7 References

Provide security in the community

Reduce electricity from the isolation of rural areas from other areas, safety has also been achieved through the provision of external lighting systems, and alarms, and even traffic lights, so that electricity is the most important element to achieve security in homes and major cities and regions. [1]

Medical importance

The use of electricity access to the treatment of many diseases through the use of treatment devices supply, operating machinery and electrical equipment when doing surgical operations, along with its ability to portray the internal organs in the body through the use of X-rays, which resulted in reducing the mortality rate. [2]

Increase farmers' productivity

Helps electricity to increase farmers' productivity, which allows farmers the ability to run electrical machines, in addition to their role in helping them to exploit their time and take advantage of it better, and get loads more productive, and the development of irrigation strategies have, and the level of their agricultural activities. [1]

The provision of means of transportation and entertainment

Electricity helped to provide transportation fast, such as trains electric food, entertainment and entertainment, such as radio, television, cinema, thanks to electricity have been some modern equipment development, such as computers, robots that facilitated human life. [3]

Reducing isolation

Electricity useful in activating communication in rural areas isolated in the world outside the ocean, where isolated populations in these areas, they do not have phones or any other type of devices and other communication, giving them the opportunity to communicate with other cities, as well as these help areas in case of emergency, or in case you need help. [1]

Industry growth

Increased use of electric machines in the current era, which led to increased production of multiple goods, and the ability to operate machinery in all industries, whether large or small, which contributed to the growth and improve the situation of members of the community industries. [2]


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