What is the importance of mathematics in physics

What is the importance of mathematics in physics


Is the science of mathematics essentially the foundation for all other sciences, this science is very The importance of the great in all fields of knowledge on the different natures and man's relationship with them. Mathematics is the science just by nature; Looking where this science numbers, spaces, sports operations, geometric shapes, and possibilities, and many other areas, this is the secret of its entry in many other sciences.

He worked many in this field of scientific knowledge is important and sensitive, and they were able to add many theories and developments on this important and sensitive science, arrived today to the very advanced stages, but before we look at the relationship of mathematics science of physics, which is equally important, you must Search first in the nature of mathematics itself.

The nature of mathematics

It can be said that the science of mathematics science is just; Valmadlat reached by specialized scientists in this science can not apply nor to any application at the time of discovery, it may be the first application of the discovery of this equation after a long period of time. It is also easy to find that the mathematical equation one may apply to many applications that follow different science at the same time.

The importance of mathematics in physics

Physics is the science that teaches respect and with all his relationship, whether from near or from afar article, energy and its transformations, the different movements; This is where science aims mainly to research all of the different natural phenomena, and methods of their formation, and how it is driven, and ways to influence and vulnerability.

Talking about the relationship of mathematics physics are eternal relationship; Valvezia and mathematics completely Kaltoom never separable; The science of physics looking at natural phenomena and tries to represent and find interpretations of her through the science of mathematics, and the support of this last of different equations can be employed in one way or another to reach a satisfactory and convincing results in physics. From here, the math is one of the most important things that can enrich the work of physics and strengthen the various theories offered.

Of the most prominent examples of the employment of mathematics in physics and on the close relationship between these two flags Einstein's theory of relativity; This accounts Aljhbz the world have shown that the light deviates when it passes the domain in which the gravity of any celestial body affects a huge size there in outer space, has been confirmed after a period of time through practical experience; Where the results of studies have shown the health of hypotheses that Einstein developed world which was based primarily on mathematical calculations.


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