What is the Java system

What is the Java system


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  • 2 date of creation of the Java language
  • 3 working Java language mechanism
  • 4 Java language features
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Java System

System or Java language (English: Java) is one of the languages ​​of computer programming, a language enables programmers to write computer instructions using commands in English instead of writing digital symbols, is a Java high-level language, because people can read and write easily, they are like language English has a set of rules that determine how to write instructions, and after the writing process instructions are translated into digital codes understood by the computer, and works on its implementation. [1]

The date of creation of the Java language

Inc. "Sun Microsystems" created the Java system, where led by James Gosling (in English: James Gosling) team of researchers, in order to produce a new language of electronic devices used, and in 1991 began work on the preparation of the language, and after a long period of turning the attention of the team to focus on the World Wide Web (in English: World Wide Web), and in 1995 was the launch of Java for the first time, and was able to show the Java language of interaction and multimedia playback with the web. [2]

In the late nineties, the Java language transfer multimedia to the Internet, and then began to grow outside the Internet domain, including hardware, cellular, computers and different, and the large number of Java users, the company has developed different types of languages ​​Java, to serve these purposes, the species different, including: [2]

  • Java "SE" for home computers.
  • Java "ME" for devices with embedded systems or built-in (English: embedded devices).
  • Java "EE" Internet servers (in English: Internet servers) giant computers (in English: supercomputers).

Note: 2010 assumed Oracle "Oracle Corporation" Java Management. [2]

The work of the Java language mechanism

Modus operandi of Java from other languages ​​are different programming languages, where the code is compiled to specific instructions for your computer in other languages, it is worth mentioning that the Java compiler converts the code to "Batakod" (in English: Bytecode), then it is interpreted by a program (Java Runtime Environment / JRE), or virtual Java (device in English: the Java virtual machine), where he works program (JRE) as a computer virtual, and interprets Albatakudat and interpreted by the computer, it should be noted here the possibility of writing code in Java for several programs, this means writing once, and operating in any device, [2] the process of translation commands take several hours to load a large number of files. [3]

Java language features

Java language is used because it contains the following features: [1]

  • Ease of use: derive the basics of Java work programming language called (++ C), which is characterized by the complexity of the structure of sentences, and the inadequacy of some of the Java requirements, so the Java design built to improve the language (++ C), and provide a powerful programming and easy-to-use.
  • Reliability: Java reveal potential errors in the programming system, through data collection juggler in her.
  • Security: Java is one of the most secure programming languages.
  • Independence: Java language features work independently, they are non-operating system, PC, and the device applicable to it.

Different programming languages

The computer recognizes the information provided has through scripted programming language that is understood by the computer, and there are many programming languages ​​is the Java language, and most important: [3]

  • The language Fortran (Fortran).
  • The language COBOL (Cobol).
  • Pascal language (Pascal). .
  • Language C, and ++ C.
  • Perl language Perl.


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