What is the personal Capricorn Tower

What is the personal Capricorn Tower

Capricorn is one astronomical towers that people believe in the existence of many foul and personal profiles that are identified for humans based on birth in any of those towers, and the period in which the tower is to be the period in which the circle of stars so the tower is clearly visible in the sky, called the circle Albrooh, and it gave astronomers the ancient names based on the shapes that imagine that the stars formed in the sky, has cared for many people, including the so-called astrology science that give Vlachs and stars capabilities to explain things and derive the facts from seeing the stars in the sky, but extended it to expect things in the future and to predict the fate of the people.

And Islam has forbade astrology and astrologers to believe, since the ratification in to say that someone who knows the future by seeing the stars and the interpretation of the things of the stars is one of the forms of shirk in God Almighty, who does not know the unseen, but it is. On the other hand, the characters analysis through the astronomical tower does not live up to the point of the trap, although it can be one of the pictures which darkens human brother man and judge the character and his character through the tower who happens that he was born in his days, and ignores all other factors that can affect his personality, but it is a good sign of good qualities and leave the bad and inferior.

And Capricorns are the people who were born in the period from the twenty-second of September, and until the nineteenth of January each year, and there are many signs that make personal Capricorn strong personality and stubborn, he is a peaceful person and is able to stay away from things that can cause him problems, and at the same time is an ambitious person tirelessly seeks to move up the social class, and that is to bear many of the bad things and situations considered temporary, this one is the reasons for its superiority in the end always.

And socially is a person who is always attracted to the top level socially, and find that most of his friends from the social and economic degrees higher than that, and he sees that this increases the chances of social progress that is desired.


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