What is the Second World War

What is the Second World War


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World War II

World War II is a conflict that occurred from 1939 to 1945, every part of the world almost took part in it, and the parts of the conflict consists of allies which states: France, Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States and the Axis powers which states: Germany, Japan, Italy , with China Post also, the war lasted for 20 years, and disputes that are not resolved during the first World war, resulting in the death of approximately 40 million to 50 million people, making it more conflicts bloody throughout history. [1], the second World war began in the first of December 1939, where Germany began its invasion on Poland without a declaration of war, and the declaration of France and Britain, the war against Germany and all members of the Commonwealth of Nations with the exception of Ireland, the third of December, was the German crushing attack because of the use of defenses Polish new technologies. [ 2]

The reasons for the outbreak of war

After the First World War has been the emergence of authoritarian and military regimes in Japan, Germany, Italy, where he defeated Germany, and Japan was keen to restore or force Italy to increase that disappointed, which led all dictatorial forms adopted at the end to make the state supreme, call to expand at the expense of neighboring countries, these three countries have also established themselves as heroes against communism, and thus obtain partial at least tolerance of their business early in the most conservative groups in Western democracies, it is also important to the desire for peace on the part of democracies, which led to lack of military readiness, in addition to that split the United States has led to the weakening of the League of Nations, and therefore was unable to strengthen the arms, in addition to increasing the unity of the national competition because of the economic recession long, increasing fear and distrust, and make the masses vulnerable to the promises of demagogues, and by another abandoned Great Britain and France for their policy of appeasement, and the establishment of a hostile front of the aggression, when it seized Italy (April 1939) Albania, and occupied Germany (March, 1939) Czech Republic Slovakia, Great Britain and France abandoned their policy of appeasement and the establishment of an anti-aggression front, which included alliances with Turkey, Greece, Romania, Poland, and accelerate the re-armament. Germany and Italy signed a full military alliance (May 1939), and after no agreement of the German Soviet aggression (September 1939), removed the German fear of a possible war, Germany was prepared to launch an attack on Poland. [2]

The effects of World War II

World War II led to the beginning of a new era, the emergence of two superpowers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, and became the world stage bi-polar, which led to the emergence of the Cold War, so named because it focused on political subversion and espionage without open war, and was then divided Europe to the Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union and the Western blocks, led by the United States, and tried some countries to stay out of the war through the lack of movement of collapse, and the two forces possess a nuclear weapon, preventing the development of the cold war to hot because of the possession of a deterrent against each other, and to another aspect of the results emerged after the second World war, the decolonization of the great powers, and the granting of Indonesia gained independence from the Netherlands, and the independence of India and the Philippines from the United States and some Arab countries, and out communists Chinese victors of the Chinese civil war, the rise of the People's Republic of China in 1949. [3]


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