What is the temperature of Jupiter

What is the temperature of Jupiter


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The temperature of Jupiter

Of the temperature of Jupiter's minus 145 degrees Celsius, and the temperature remains constant even in the atmosphere of warm weather, the temperature depends on the height of Jupiter from the surface; This is because the heat change it depending on the height of the soles of the planet and not at a distance of proximity or distance from the sun; In contrast to the temperature of the planet, which change with the proximity or distance from the equator. [1]


It is considered Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system, where the amount of diameter at the equator 143,000 line kilometers or approximately 89,000 miles, and is characterized by Jupiter enormity compared with other planets as it is possible to put all the other planets inside due to the large size, as it has a capacity for one thousand three hundred piece of ground inside, and named for the king of the Romans in the mythology. The buyer is marked by the components of the stars, and it was possible to become a star rather than a planet if the amount of the mass of the largest four-fifth times, and there is the fifth in the order after the sun; Since the distance between him and the sun is 5.2 astronomical units, this distance is five times less than the distance between the Earth and the sun, Jupiter's second most obvious planetary vision is one of the planet after Mars at the purity of the sky. [2]

Components of Jupiter

It consists planet general buyer of helium and hydrogen gases, in addition to the presence of ammonia materials, water, and methane in the form of a mixture in it, and under the layers of these gases there is composed of nitrogen liquid layer which is formed by generating pressure from the planet itself, and under this layer there is another layer composed from a mixture of hydrogen and liquid metal, and the center of the planet consists of iron and rock. [3]


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