What is the topaz stone

What is the topaz stone

There are many kinds of precious stones, there are emeralds, rubies, stone, topaz, etc., and these are all characterized by beautiful and expensive being, and would like many people Bagtnaiha, stone topaz consists of silicate fluorine and aluminum, which also consists of oxygen, called stone topaz also stone yellow sapphire , and this precious stone several colors including: golden color, which tends to color dark orange, and there are brown, which tends to yellow, and there are also yellow color red, pink, blue, and there are some species that are without color. Stone topaz symbolizes the month of November.

It features a topaz Beslapth; It made him jewelry and ornaments, made it also the tools and materials that resist fusion and heat, topaz, which have color golden and tilted to the color dark orange is one of the most expensive types of topaz expensive and most valuable, while is a stone topaz is colorless or which tends to color to Zrac baht cheaper stone topaz types as well as the most prevalent, a stone called golden topaz color oblique to color dark orange stone imperial topaz.

There are ways used to control the color of topaz; Where color can be changed to be more E_makkaka, it is possible to change the color of topaz italics brown to yellow to pink color, as well as can change stone topaz color blue with class pale to dark blue as well, and this is done by using a range of techniques and methods which expose the stone to heat or by exposing it to radiation or by using the methods together.

Stone and topaz exist in various parts of the world; It is available in several places, including areas, which is in Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria and Namibia. The best types of topaz as we mentioned is the imperial topaz colored golden oblique to the dark orange color, which resides in Brazil.

Stone and several uses in the topaz foot; The Egyptians were the ancients wore this stone to protect them and shielding them from exposure to injuries, and thought the Greeks to a stone topaz the ability to strengthen and support the vision, and they thought that his magical ability to make human hidden and invisible when worn no one can see. In the Middle Ages, it was a time people thought that the stone prevents man from topaz death, and protects it from mental illness and heal them, and also is useful in protecting it from physical ailments and heal them.


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