What is the unit of measurement of light intensity

What is the unit of measurement of light intensity


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The unit of measure light intensity

The question arises about the lighting intensity usually, it is how much of the power of the light source to the ratio of the light of the candle? Electric Kakoshav mobile, for example, but before answering this question, we must note that there are many factors, play a role in determining the strength of the light source and energy, Valhimh publishes its rays light in all directions, thereby reducing their ability to lighting, while the electric Searchlight regulator radiation and directed dramatically, and this is what makes it difficult and deceptive comparison, and in order to investigate the accuracy has been a unit of measure global standardized to measure the intensity of light (in English: luminous intensity), a standard candle (in English: Candela) symbolized by Acronym symbol (Cd), which is not used as a measure unit independent of the amount of the intensity of light sources that light Ssdr meant, but you need to measure the other unit to treat the problem of the spread of the light scattering in different directions, and this unit is called lumen (in English: lumen). [1]

Note: The definition of light intensity mentioned physically about giving a certain angle and direction to the amount of light flowing from the light source on a specific area during a time known, even sports are able to give an equation to calculate the intensity of the light accurately.

Light appearing

The primary source of the light of the apparent (light can be distinguished by the naked eye) on the planet, is the sun, which we receive amounted to 44% of its rays and distributed on the surface of the earth, compared, for example, light a candle, what we receive from the total light, no more than 10% percent because of the dispersion of what is left of its light and its transformation into thermal energy, an important and essential light in the life of living organisms is responsible for the photosynthesis of plants, energy and grants for most living organisms, as it is the source of power generation in general, it is important for humans, measuring light ratios flowing and heat from objects thermal and luminous. [2]

Light Intensity

In physics, can be defined intensity (in English: intensity) as the amount of energy transmitted in each square meter of space, and this energy in a form, be light energy, [3] The light intensity can be expressed by saying it is the amount of what flows or radiating from the outgoing energy from a given light source through each square meter of unit area is linked in time. [4]


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