What is the web browser

What is the web browser


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Web Browser

Web browser in English: Web Browser, is a web browser or the Internet program is present on the user's computer, allowing him to access Web sites on the Internet, where the browser on the Web translation written computer language, the Hypertext Markup Language HTML, so that the user can easily read, [1] also displays other protocols, such as: HTTP, and FTP protocol file transfer, processing e-mail mailto files, file, date back creation of web browsers to the late eighties, so when Tim Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee), a English world, the development of ideas that led to the creation of the world Wide Web WWW, which is a group of established pages using HTML language was needed to browsers that enable the user to access the pages. [2]

Web browsers months

There are a variety of web browsers that are distinct from other some features have been designed to run on different operating systems, [2] and is usually the Internet Explorer browser Internet Explorer from browsers installed on computers running the Windows operating Windows system, either in hardware Mac Apple Apple Mac company, usually have Safari browser installed them (Internet Explorer), [1] and other popular web browsers or Internet: [2]

  • Google Chrome Google Chrome.
  • Firefox Mozilla Firefox.
  • Opera Opera.
  • Microsoft's Microsoft Edge Edge. [3]

Features web browsers

There are some differences in web browsers, but they are all characterized by several characteristics, namely:

  • All free of charge, used for the same purpose, and works in a similar way. [3]
  • Each browser has a special set of options that control the privacy, security, and interface, shortcuts, and other variables. [3]
  • You can use more than one browser on the same machine. [1]
  • Browsers allow users to discover Web sites anywhere on the Internet. [1]



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