What the name of a small wolf

What the name of a small wolf


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the wolf

Wolf wild animal fierce, belongs to the family Alkalpaat rank carnivores, which belong to: foxes, hyenas, and wild dogs, and is the wolf largest in size, the most powerful, and ferocity, spread strains in various regions of the world, but subjected to overfishing and attack by predators, including: bears, larger animals, such as tigers and lions, making him permanently threatened with extinction, and by a large decrease in numbers year after year.

The gray wolves more prevalent around the world wolves strains, they are found in abundance in North America, Eurasia, and the Middle East, and prefer to live in temperate forests, mountains, wetlands, land grass, and feed on deer, rabbits, buffalo, antelopes, and others. Wolf and two hundred million special cell olfactory, being able to smell other animals and identification of a thousand and six hundred meters approximately, and this makes it easier to prey on them, and the work of ambushes to overthrow them and caught.

Mated wolves

Is determined Altazwag season in the herd of wolves usually in the spring, especially between the months of January and April; Where the adult male chooses female partner after heavy fighting gets in the herd, to begin after the manifestations of courtship and fondling, and then Altazwag, and is said to be the wolf of the animals that choose their partner to live with him throughout life, other than what is common among members of the same family to which it belongs.

Small wolf names

Launches many of the names on the young wolf, depending on the type Altazwag and hybridization with other species itself, as follows:

  • Heard: the name given to a small wolf of the female hyena.
  • Aspar, and Jermoz, Puppy: launches a born hyena of female wolf.
  • Desm: called a small wolf of the female dog.

Caused by wolves

Carrying female wolf ranging from a period of sixty to sixty-three days almost, where give birth each time of five to six called by the name of the puppy, or Jermoz, or Aspar, and generate a result of the wolf is very small metal box size; It has a weight at birth almost half a kilogram, small, blind, deaf, can not stand up completely, so they rely entirely on her mother so you can rely on itself after the passage of several weeks at birth.

Puppies remain in the hole for about two months so you can vision, movement well, and often the mother choose a hole in the high ground, and the rugged, close to the water source; So as to provide protection for her puppies throughout the incubation stage without having to go out for long distances to drink, as the male take care to bring them fishing the end of the day every day.

Food caused by wolves

They feed the pups on the mother's milk alone for two weeks after her birth, where their milk contains nutrients to meet the needs of the puppies at this stage age, it is less fit on the fat, and more contain protein and arginine compared lait female domesticated dogs, and then start eating the meat that Ttakiah her mother after that ingests them; This is because her teeth at that stage is still lush and unable to meat cutting and pureed and grinding enough.

Having an pups tenth week old will be able to rely on themselves the existence of the protection of their parents, and are most of the puppies at this time able to catch and maneuvers to attack the prey, after receiving training lessons parents in identifying the prey, and how to pounce on them, and the overthrow of out, and in total when it reaches the age of two months, small puppies become able to catch within the herd, and move from one place to another freely.

Attainment of puppies

Allows due Baltqatl among them for concessions by the leader of the herd, Valjro who wins the fight has the largest position among his peers, as it gets the most feed parts, and the sap of the prey, and this class society is born in a herd of wolves; The strongest is the wolf wolf who has the domination and submission from the rest of the herd, which will give him a ride in the end to be a leader of the flock in the day.

Up puppies to sexual adulthood when they reach the age of three years old, and here must be separated from her parents, and take a stand-alone away from any protection or support from others, and this is forcing them to build new burrows, and mating again to build a young population in the herd.

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