When the First World War began

When the First World War began


  • 1 When the First World War began 1.1 combatants in the First World War 1.2 cause of the First World War 1.3 the end of the First World War 1.4 as a result of the First World War
  • 1.1 combatants in the First World War
  • 1.2 cause of the First World War
  • 1.3 the end of the First World War
  • 1.4 as a result of the First World War

When the First World War began

First World War is the war that broke out in the twenty-eighth of July 1914 between the European powers, and ended in the atheist and the twentieth of November 1918, and was named World War Great War until the Second World Arabs occurred, where he changed its name then to the First World War, and was named in the United States and European war.

Combatants in the First World War

The war between the superpowers states collected and divided into two groups of countries, the first is represented in the UK Allied forces of Great Britain, Ireland, France, and the Russian Empire, while the second group are countries of the center and of the German Empire and the Empire Austro-Hungarian.

Expanded alliances later, where he joined the Kingdom of Italy, Japan and the United States to allies, while the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria to the countries of the center joined, and gathered more than seventy million military personnel, including sixty million Europeans to participate in one of the biggest history battles.

The cause of the First World War

The colonial expansion of the reason behind this war, but the immediate cause was the result of a diplomatic crisis broke out when the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia, as a result of the assassination of a student Serb named Gavrilo Princip, Crown Prince of Austria Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife in the twenty-eighth of June 1914 , resulting in this crisis, the emergence of international alliances; Where major powers have spread all over the world within weeks only.

In the twenty-eighth of July invaded the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Serbia, and to coincide with that invaded the Russian Empire of the German Empire before the latter begins to invade France, making the United Kingdom declares war on the German Empire, and after the invasion stopped the Germans in Paris, fought a war of attrition on the Western Front , trench warfare and appeared in 1917, and in that period in the Western front Russian troops continued resistance against the Austro-Hungarian troops, the fighting stopped as a result of the Russian invasion of East Prussia against the German forces.

The end of the First World War

The Russian government collapsed in March 1918 as a result of the consequences of the events of the February Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution, and reached an agreement with the countries of the center, on the fourth of November of the same year approved the Austro-Hungarian Empire to establish a truce called a truce Villa Gusti.

After the full German attack on the western front in 1918 the Allies launched the Germans a second series of successful attacks; To begin to emerge trench warfare, but the outbreak of the revolution on November forced the Germans to agree to the land of the truce in the atheist th of November, the war to end the victory of the Allies on the center states.

As a result of the First World War

  • German Empire and the Russian Empire lost many of the big two territories, and completely dismantled the Austrian and Hungarian where no longer have the presence of the empire, and ended with the Ottoman Empire.
  • The map of Europe from a new set of Independent States, and the creation of new states new divisions.
  • The League of Nations was formed in order to prevent the recurrence of conflicts similar to this war, but this goal failed because of poor nations, and the renewal of European nationalism, as well as a sense of humiliation of the German people; Which rose to fall fascism in World War II.


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