Where do I find alkaline water

Where do I find alkaline water


  • 1 alkaline water secret of health and vitality
  • 2 sources of alkaline water
  • 3 benefits of alkaline water
  • 4 water damage alkali
  • 5 diseases that helps treat

Alkaline water secret of health and vitality

Alkaline water is a type of water types, the value of pH (PH) has a high is fluid with a pH higher than 7 alkaline solutions or alkaline. The pH 7 degrees are considered neutral is equal to the acidity of pure water at 25 ° C, it contains alkaline water ionized high percentage of the elements of the first group in the league, such as sodium, potassium table, called these elements alkalitherapy, as alkaline water contains other elements such as calcium, and magnesium.

Alkaline water works on the easy digestion of food, it also enhances the immune system because it contains many of the antioxidants that work to fight free radicals that cause cancer in the human body.

Water sources, alkali

Has provided us with nature a lot of places that can exist where water and natural spring water can be considered alkaline water, to contain water on many of the oxygen atoms and elements of anti-oxidants, making it suitable for drinking and treatment of certain diseases.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • When you drink alkaline water blood pH rises to 7.4, and this helps him to carry materials and acid wastes produced from biological processes in the human body, making it easier to be disposed of through the kidneys, and drinking alkaline water hydrates the body and makes it more active and energetic.
  • There is alkaline water on the geometrical shape of hexagonal shape, and this makes it smaller than normal and faster in boiling water and gives a taste delicious food cooked by, as it is considered a lighter body than the normal drinking water.

Water damage alkali

There are no negative effects of drinking alkaline water, but on the contrary is recommended by doctors because of its ability to reduce the risks to be free radicals in the body.

Diseases that helps treat

Modern science has proved that water is alkaline because it contains twice the amount of oxygen compared to normal water is able to assist in the treatment of some diseases such as blood pressure, cancer, joint pain, osteoporosis, diabetes, gout, and others.

The pollutants to drink alkaline water makes the body more active and the ability to protect itself from diseases are increased efficiency of the immune system can be observed changes after two weeks of drinking alkaline water, but for those who suffer from hemorrhoids and infections may need between seven to ten days to notice the difference, it has been a design called IONIZER works to provide water alkaline ionized at a rate ranging between 3.5 to 10 PH, which facilitated the process of getting them.


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