Where is extracted musk and amber

Where is extracted musk and amber


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Amber extract

Clark explained the process of form amber in sperm whales in 2006, where he said that amber is formed in the intestines of the whale to cover food and animals feeds, which are non-digestible, and consists mostly of beak squid, considered amber waxy solid produced by some types of sperm whales, and are built large cut in the intestines of the whale throughout the period of his life, and leads them out at his death, and after removing floats amber on the ocean black, turquoise and texture sticky surface, due to exposure to air and sunlight and salt water is oxidized and turns into a waxy substance in gray, and get rid of small beaks squid , it smelled bad and then do the extraction, and there are some beliefs that the sperm whale is extracted from the waste, but it is a misconception because the waste whales are fluid material. [1]

Began to extract amber since 1724, where floats amber sometimes on the beaches and coast, and whaling times the amber of the most important products that are collected from whales, where amber in different sizes and varying forms exist, and weight ranges from 15 grams to 420 kg. [1 ]


Musk is extracted material from the male musk deer, musk is used in the manufacture of the most luxurious perfume strong and continuous fragrance for as long as possible, and the quality varies according to different age of musk deer and the season that is caught in it. [2]

Musk extract

Extracted musk gland is found under deer male belly and be close to the pubic, and contain this gland on almost half of its weight maintenance, which weighs 30 grams, and are catching deer in the times of late winter and early spring, and then are removed musk gland using special spoons, used gland it is called a full follicle after drying, or gland secretions which is a musk granules, and are used in the perfume industry, and old musk was extracted by killing deer. [3]

Video for musk

From an animal gland to perfume, watch the video to find out more about this precious article:


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