Where is the Amazon

Where is the Amazon


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The Amazon forests of the world's largest forest area and age, as she returns to more than five hundred million years, which led to significant changes in, where there are more than half of the living species known on Earth, and in which many kinds of trees, plants, insects and fish , in addition to five sources of fresh water.

Site Amazon

Amazon forests are located in the South American continent, within large areas of Brazil, and some of its neighboring areas, Cguiana, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador, with an area of ​​about five hundred and fifty million hectares, which will make them play a major role in the photosynthesis process, which you plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is the most important element for all creatures, as it is the main driver of the process of breathing, it must be noted that the proportion of oxygen from these forests are equivalent to about 20% of the total oxygen content in the atmosphere.

Features Amazon

  • Mild climate throughout the year: with temperatures equivalent to 27 ° C, though it is classified as a rain forest, where the annual rainfall level where about 440 centimeters.
  • Amazon: where classified Amazon's second river the longest river in the world after the Nile River, a river river discovered by the Spaniards during their travels in the search for gold in the South American continent, noting that it stems from a small lake located in the middle, located on the western side of the South American Andes, and hurt in the Atlantic Ocean amount equivalent to five amounts of water that afflict other rivers, it must be noted that his movement is the strongest currents in the world, where the size of the basin is about 7 million square kilometers, it produces the equivalent of 25% of fresh water compared with other rivers, live in which more than two hundred species of insects and mammals, and in spite of that, but the traffic in which a few, due to the incidence near the equator, where high temperatures, insect-causing diseases and serious epidemics.

Damage to the Amazon

  • Unfair violations against nature, because of the fertility of life, and its privileged position, and the indifference to maintain the life cycle where.
  • Uprooting plants, and take off the trees, soil erosion, and under the pretext of building highways linking the surrounding areas, in addition to the establishment of residential areas on the edges.
  • Land use in drug cultivation, and convert some of them to drug manufacturing plants, and then send it to neighboring countries.
  • The extinction of some species of trees, such as trees Almahunja, because of its extraction due to the high value Okhcabh.
  • Dry a lot of rivers, and the death of many fish in it.
  • The production of large amounts of carbon in, which contributes to global warming.


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