Where is the body of Pharaoh

Where is the body of Pharaoh

Place the body of Pharaoh

Pharaonic civilization of the greatest civilizations, it has stunned the world grandeur and its ability to survive all this time, and the king when the Pharaohs called Pharaoh, he is the god of a ruler and all those who obeyed his command under him were created to be slaves to him was unjust Mottagbra.

The story of the death of the pharaoh Ramses II

God sent the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him to the children of Israel, to guide them to the religion of monotheism and faith, and the children of Israel lived in Egypt, they were subjected to the worst treatment by Pharaoh and his entourage, killing their sons and used their wives as slaves, and did not believe the message of Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, the prophet Moses asked him to allow him and his people to leave Egypt and go to another land.

Pharaoh refused the request of Moses, arrogant and overbearing, which Moses forced peace to come out with his people in disguise from the eyes of Pharaoh and his soldiers, knowing Pharaoh so and the right of them at the head of the army, and came close to catching them Then the people from the oppression of Pharaoh, but Moses assured them and tell them that God is with us, upon arrival at the edge of the sea Onfelq sea Vlqtin by order of God famer Moses and his people, and accompanied by beasts and Anaam, and he had Odrickhm Pharaoh and his army, they entered the sea and when they are in the midst of the water God is Almighty sea to return to his first Votbakt water they drowned from the inside of water including including the great Pharaoh.

After the shoot sea water bodies from the sinking of the Pharaohs by members of the survivors of Pharaoh's army to carry the body of Pharaoh to the palace after it was embalmed corpse carried to the Valley of the Kings tomb in Thebes, followed by priests, ministers and senior entourage, where Pharaoh had equipped his grave before his death, and the fact that the Pharaohs were believed in the Baath day they were put with all the deceased purposes and property of jewelry and gold, where the tomb consists of several rooms decorated walls with paintings funeral and prayers for the deceased.

Was the general of the Egyptian people know that he is buried with the deceased kings treasures large gold, silver and precious jewelry, became their graves target for thieves to steal these burials, became digging up graves and searching for these burials career for many people, and with the continued digging graves agreed the priests of Amun to preserve the bodies of kings and the body of Ramses in particular, Vengulwha from its place and Dvunha in his father's tomb with another group of former bodies of the Pharaohs, was the transfer of the bodies again and buried in a cemetery located in Deir el-Bahari and Rdmwa door of the entrance to the cemetery and wasted monuments around it so that it does not recognize the thieves and called this cemetery (b marine cache monastery).

Sent the body of Pharaoh to France Binaaly French President asked Mitterrand to work studies around him by French scientists, after the study discovered the fact that scientists death by drowning, were returned the body to Egypt, some rumors say that the body remained in the Paris museum, despite the injustice and slavery practiced by the Pharaohs, However, they were able to build an immortal civilization in Egypt is still its secrets remain.


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