Where Lake Dukan

Where Lake Dukan

Lake Dukan

There are many water bodies in the Republic of Iraq, but the most famous of the lake known as (Lake Dukan) located in the northern part of the country and is specifically belonging to the province of Sulaymaniyah. This lake of large water bodies are considered relatively within the area in the Kurdistan region, located at the dam, known as (Dam Dukan) located near the town of the dam (Dukan) and the city (Rania) name.

The nature of Lake Dukan

The nature of the lake is specialized in which this, in everything that surrounds them, especially the multiplicity of supervising the mountains on them, including a mountain (Sultan and Sarah), in addition to the presence of forests and abundant greenery, making her niche excellence views stolen minds, so it was considered a complex tourism huge and summer resort important in Region; As this is just the lake with the dam, which was established on them, which was built within multiple projects more than sixteen projects, approximately 70 km away from Sulaimaniya, so we find there are several hotels, as well as restaurants and cabins for many tourist facilities, especially in the point of the banks (Akeccola), which bordering the town of Dokan, working to attract tourists from inside and outside Iraq.

Dam was built on this large lake, in order to generate electricity, which today covers the entire region, and back the completion of the construction of this dam in 1959; It took five years built; Where it built during the reign of King of Iraq at the time of King Faisal II, and it should be noted that the construction cost of more than fourteen million Iraqi dinars, then, stored Dukan Lake, approximately 6.8 billion cubic meters of water.

The area of ​​Lake Dukan approximately 270 square kilometers, a lake where rainwater collects; As up to 11,700 square kilometers, and is the source of the water flow into the lake and outside is the Little Zab River, and branching from the dam Dokan located on the lake, river Zab down, so that the lake's water is fresh in addition to Zap.

Found near the lake on numerous archaeological sites, so what made the lake a tourist place par excellence, it found several caves dating back to the old man from the Stone Age, the most famous is the cave (Zrza), were also found carved archaeological well-known known as (Gazzkaban ). It should be noted that the general climate of the lake, is a temperate climate, so we find that it is blessed with the separation of the spring of semi-permanent, a charming nature does not change or alter.


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