Who is Hulagu

Who is Hulagu


  • 1 Hulagu 1.1 Hulagu military operations 1.2 defeat Hulagu army 1.3 The death of Hulagu
  • 1.1 Hulagu military operations
  • 1.2 defeat Hulagu army
  • 1.3 The death of Hulagu


Hulagu Khan, is the son of the ruler of Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan Tuluy, brother Alambratoran Kublai Khan and Khan and Mango Emperor Eric Bock, was born in one thousand two hundred and seventeen of the birth.

Hulagu was fond of Persian civilization, and after it became Khana Persia after the founding of the era of fields there, in his council included many scientists, philosophers and wise men from across Persia that follow the Islamic religion. Coupled with Hulagu Khan Btgazz Christian, in addition to many wives.

Hulagu military operations

Hulagu conquered many of the country to the west of the continent of Asia, killing millions of people in that country. Monaco Khan commissioned his brother Hulagu to the leadership of the Mongol army great, to invade and destroy the remaining Muslim states in the western side of South Asia, one thousand two hundred and fifty-five of the birth, and ordered him to treat surrendered mercy, and eliminate the resistance completely, so he wanted to subject lors who live to the south of Iran, and sought to eliminate the sect of the Assassins and tried to destroy or subdue the Abbasid state.

Hulagu came out at the head of the army was considered one of the greatest armies of the Mongols configured at all, and first began military operations by defeating lors, having spread his reputation throughout the country suffered Junkies great panic, and they immediately surrender and hand over their stronghold fortified without a battle.

Then set off Hulagu Baghdad, meaning the army, before access to the Abbasid Caliph sent to them asking him to surrender, but the caliph refused to bow and sent to Hulagu to warn him the pains of God and tried to punish him if the attack on the caliph of Islam.

After this response Hulagu continued the great march toward Baghdad as soon as he approached the city, the division of his army into two parts to besiege the city from the west and east sides, but the caliph's army succeeded in response some of his forces attacking from the west side, but he finally defeated the city and surrendered to Hulagu and his army.

When Hulagu was sixth and thirty years old, he came out at the head of a huge army after he was entrusted with his brother Mango Khan entering the country, located on the banks of the Oxus River, to extend beyond the State of the Mongols until reaching Egypt, and commanded him before moving the application of his great-grandfather laws (Genghis Khan) and the commitment of the customs traditions, and all of it is subject to his authority to treat him wearing perfume, and works on the extermination of the resistance to him, even if the caliph was the Abbasid himself.

Hulagu won their first seizing the castles of the Ismaili community, after many battles, and went after on its way towards achieving its goal last, by seizing Baghdad completely the city, and the elimination of the Abbasid caliphate in, sent threatening the Caliph Musta'sim and asking him to surrender, and hand over the capital and enter into obedience, but the Caliph's refusal to comply with his orders despite the weakness of his forces.

Besieged Hulagu the city and its income in one thousand two hundred and fifty-eight, and Baghdad fell into the hands of Hulagu and his forces, where destroyed and flooded Stationers in the Tigris who reportedly turned black color as a result of ink books that he dumped it and killed its people and looted the city and burned and captured the caliph and Vuh carpets, having beaten him beat him threshed until their horses died.

As a result of the bad smell of death that has spread in the city after this destruction, forced Hulagu to move his camp away from her, and remained the city after a number of years devoid of the population.

Launched Hulagu after Baghdad, intending to seize the Levant, and managed to grab Miafarkin in Aleppo, and continued after walking towards Mardin, and during the siege operations of cities, the Mongol army invades other cities and dropping it, and then submitted to Aleppo, which was besieged and set up around catapults and bombarded by missiles even I surrendered.

Then move the Mongol army led by Hulagu towards Damascus, and when the news arrived as they approached the king Nasser Yusuf Ayoubi, fled the last with his troops, leaving Damascus for its fate, but the people have surrendered and handed over to the city Hulagu without a fight.

The defeat of Hulagu army

Send a message Hulagu threat to the Mamluks in Egypt, inviting them to surrender before his move from the Levant, but the Sultan Qutuz did not care about those threats, and went out preaching in his army to move their feelings in tears, did not wait for the advance of the Mongols.

King came out Qutuz at the head of his army to meet the Mongols, joined the army soldiers from the Arabs and from the Levant, Turkmen and others to fight the Mongol army, and two armies met in the Ain Jalut area located in Palestine, and fight them from the early hours of dawn until midnight, and defeated the army Qutuz the Mongol army in those located, and Abad Tatar army from the end, and was sophisticated and subtle Baybars greatest credit for the achievement of this great victory, which had a great impact in the history of the region and the Arab world.

Expelled after the Mongol army of Damascus and Baghdad, which came under the rule of the Mamluk, and thanks to this great victory of Europe concluded from a great evil if the army continued to Mongol in the march and to achieve victories, holding the leader of the Golden Tribe Baraka Khan - a cousin Hulagu - an alliance with al-Zahir Baybars to eliminate Hulagu then, after being besieged by both sides.

What it was Hulagu ordered after the defeat, but tried to avenge the defeat of his army in a position named Goliath, sent a strong army towards Aleppo, which brought down and looted, but was defeated near Homs returned beyond the Euphrates River.

Then tried to create an alliance with Europe against Arabs and Muslims, and sent a letter to King Louis announcing his intention to invade the city of Jerusalem for the pope, and called for Lewis to launch an attack on Egypt mediated by his fleet through the Mediterranean.

The death of Hulagu

Matt Hulagu, one thousand two hundred and sixty-five, after doctors failed to cure it was at the age of forty-eight years, and was buried on the island Kapodi located in Lake Urmia, and was succeeded by his son Obaca.


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