Windows Ultimate ships

Windows Ultimate ships


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Windows ships Ultimate

There is no doubt that Windows Vista did not will most appeal to users was weak in its performance than Microsoft was forced to make many adjustments to it even it improves performance, although it did not reach the version of Vista to the desired level, and thus Microsoft was quick to launch a new version of Windows in less than three years on the launch of Windows Vista, where he began work in the new version 22-10-2009m under the name of Windows 7, it is technically need to download this version on your computer for many requirements and simple, notably: [1]

  • Processor speed up to 1 GB.
  • Unit random access speeds of 1 GB.
  • An internal hard drive with a capacity of up to 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit).
  • Unit type image processing DirectX 9.

Windows 7 has been released in several versions to suit multiple purposes in multiple (such as starter areas, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate) has been allocated a starter to work on Alnotbok devices and a copy Alhom Premium is one of less copies pricier, but a copy Alhom Albroofeachenal are considered an upgraded version suitable for home-use and use practical, while the Windows version came Ultimate safety and the language of a sophisticated system where fit this version to meet the business companies and businessmen and material cost higher than other versions of Windows 7.

Naming Windows

Naming Windows came this name from the fact that the display page on the computer screen is a window from one of the windows operating system lets you view them as part of an integrated system to show display interface which is managed by the application manager of Windows, which is part of the Windows system in general, and technically it is for the user to make changes to the window in terms of zoom out and zoom in addition to open several can windows at the same time to perform multiple tasks, the idea of ​​creating a windows system was launched originally from the Apple Macintosh company and, consequently, has adopted Microsoft's idea itself to be part of the operating system. [2]

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is to protect the Windows system from malware system and be an integral part of Windows helps to get rid of computer viruses and malicious programs and any spybots and tracking harmful to the computer. [3]


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