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Windows Update


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  • 2 Windows Update 8.1
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Windows Update 10

The Windows operating system 10 automatic search for any available updates, and then carries and installs it on the device, and is to do this frequently and automatically, so as to develop security features available through this system, and keep the device containing computer on the latest features, the user can check manually for any updates are available for this system, through the following steps: [1]

  • Clicking on the Start button (Start).
  • Open the Settings menu (Settings), which appear in the form of a serrated circle on the computer screen.
  • Choose the option to update security and (Update & Security).
  • Clicking on the Windows Update option (Windows Update).
  • Clicking on the button check for updates (Check for updates).

Windows Update 8.1

The steps to update the operating system comes Windows 8.1: [2]

  • Pull the mouse pointer on the right corner of the screen, so as to show the list of options.
  • Clicking on the Settings option (Settings).
  • Clicking on the button to change your computer's settings (Change PC settings).
  • Choose the Update option and Restore (Update and recovery).
  • Clicking on the option to choose how to install updates (Choose how updates get installed).
  • Clicking on the apparent drop-down menu icon at the bottom of the task (Important updates) Updates option.
  • Clicking on the button will automatically install updates (Install updates automatically).
  • Check the box apparent along the request option of alarm for all available updates (Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates).
  • Clicking on the Apply button (Apply).

Windows Update 7

The steps comes updated Windows operating system 7: [3]

  • Clicking on the Start button (Start button).
  • Clicking on the Control Panel option (Control Panel).
  • Clicking on the system and security option (System and Security).
  • Clicking on the Windows Update option (Windows Update), to be shown on the screen containing important updates or updates recommended, or even those optional updates.
  • Clicking on the available updates, and then install all of these updates or even some of them, by clicking on the check box appears alongside the update you want to download and install it on the device.


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