World War I and II

World War I and II

Throughout history, the world has witnessed many wars, the First and Second World Wars were preparing one of the largest wars that have gone through the human history; As if these wars included most parts of the world and had a devastating impact on the whole world, as they helped in the distribution of forces around the world.


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  • 1.1 causes of war
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  • 2.1 reasons for war
  • 2.2 Results of war
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First World War

First World War broke out between July 1914 28 to 11 November 1918; This was where the war between the great powers in the world at that time was the Allied forces, which included primarily the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire, and the countries of the Center, which included the German Empire and the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

The causes of war

First World War broke out for a number of reasons that started since the beginning of the twentieth century as a crisis Balkans, the Franco-German border around the conflict and the demand of minorities in Europe and their freedom and independence, as well as competition and economic among States, resulting in arms with the latest and most powerful race of various types of weapons, but the spark which ignited the war was 28 July 1914 when he called for the assassination of Serbian Crown Prince of Austria, Franz Ferdinand and his wife during their visit to Sarajevo.

war results

The results of the war disastrous, propagated the battle victory of the Allies on November 11, 1918 the signing of Germany with allies truce Compiegne countries, and the Second World War caused many human losses, which reached a population of eight million people is injured and missing in the war, who estimated their numbers in the millions as well, as it was economic consequences of a major impact in the war as a result of massive losses and costs incurred by the heavy states during the war, which led to widespread unemployment and poverty in Europe, this is not clear change in the map of Europe and changing the ruling regimes and the fall of the European empires at that time.

The Arabs Fsharqua in World War I, in turn, through the Great Arab Revolt, which was after the promise of Britain to give Arabs a major country, but Britain's promises were false, where the revolution revealed the Bolshevik enter France and Britain in a secret agreement known as the Sykes-Picot agreement, which includes the division of Arab countries between them ; Where Arab countries entered the period of the British and French occupation evacuated for many years, as the Balfour Declaration appeared a promise that Britain gave to the leaders of the Zionist establishment of a national home for the Jews on the land of Palestine, which has its effects still exist so far.

World War II

This war lasted from the first of September 1939 and the second from September 1945 between the Allied Powers, which included the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, France, China and others, and the Axis powers, which was led by Nazi Germany led by Hitler, Italy under the leadership of Mussolini, and the Empire of Japan and others , where the war when the world thought he ended the Great war in human history did not know that the effects that come along in this war will be much more resonant.

The causes of war

We can consider the causes of World War II are the results of the First World War, he changed the map of Europe and the entire world after the First World War and imposed big taxes on the countries that lost the First World War, especially Germany, and was the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which provides for some sanctions to Germany, wiping part of area and population, cultivation and manufacture a large part of its production of iron ore, appeared Nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy, which have carried out the creation of a new alliance known as axis countries and Japan, who joined him later.

war results

The biggest war results are the same reason that ended the war, was Japan is another converter states defeated and did not stop the war only when throwing the United States for two atomic bombs were the first bombs in history on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and are two names who remained Mdoyen until the present of our time, killing at Hiroshima 66 thousand people and injured 69 thousand in Nagasaki killed 39 thousand and 25 thousand injured and was all this in just one minute after dropping the bombs, and still radiological effects of these bombs found so far in those areas.

From the results of this war, the establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations subsequently by decision of the heads of America, has been the main goal of America after the war is to stop the spread of the great European powers, led by France and Britain, and to reduce their influence through the United Nations and the Marshall Plan, which was the aim of the reconstruction of the destructive European countries after the war.

Video Canary War

"Large numbers of injured and deaths," This is the outcome of the First and Second World Wars .. But the pain of any positive results seq? Watch the video to know it:


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