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YouTube problems


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The YouTube (in English: YouTube) is a website that was created in 2005; It allows any user to the Internet from sharing videos by lifting it to the site, and is the site of Google Inc. YouTube (in English: Google) since 2006 from months relevant websites to publish video clips; Since it contains most of the video categories that the user may wish to watch them; Such as sports, cooking, and direct broadcast live to portray the outer space, and so on. [1] [2]

The user to be able to get a search suit them results, as well as to comment on other videos posted on the site, or even create a list of clips can be displayed sequentially (in English: Playlist), then create an account on the site or use google account its logs on to the site . [1]

When you raise the user's particular video to the YouTube site, this section will be converted to Adobe Flash format (in English: Adobe Flash) Other users from viewing section to be able to directly without having to use any external software or certain add-ons, and any other user section evaluation or comment on it. [2]

YouTube problems

With the fact that YouTube from the most popular sites on the web, so that has close to 60% of the proceeds of users visits web sites online, it is not without problems and defects that not a few. Due to the weakness of competitors, it can be considered as the YouTube monopoly sharing videos on the Internet. In 2006, a person named Noah Kalina (in English: Noah Kalina) to raise a video clip under the name of "a picture of myself every day" (in English: A photo of myself every day) on Vimeo (in English: Vimeo) In addition to YouTube, the outcome of the number of viewers reached then 100 thousand views only on the site Vimeo compared with YouTube, which reached the number of views of the clip in which 6.2 million watch. [3]

YouTube may lead to waste a lot of time without users feel that compared to other similar sites; As the length of time spent by the user on YouTube is longer than the time spent by the user in another location, when the user view a particular section, the YouTube site displays a list of twenty clip of one way or another with what a user is watching, in addition to the clips have been filed the owner of the same section, other sections also, all these sections carry thumbnail images attract the user; Making it difficult for him to get out of the site without spending several hours moving between sections in it. [3] Moreover, when the user lifted for a video on YouTube, it may have comments disturbing and negative by other users, and that if not raised section commensurate with the standards required by the site, which may require the owner of the passage of time and effort to make them consistent cross-section, the site will be amending the specification section -ktsgar size, for example, to make it commensurate with these standards; Which may adversely affect the raised section quality, [4] The videos uploaded on YouTube publishes and participates publicly so that all other users to see, if a user has to raise a special video clip shared with his family, for example, this section may be spreading sudden and fast without the user's will and desire to do so, especially with this type of sections. Videos that the users posted on some disturbing imagery may contain; Such as violence, and scenes of pornography, and abuse of animals, and it may even be raising such passages are teenagers. [4] [5]

Of the problems faced by the owners of the channels on the site is that video clips of the accounts of companies that use commercial or the so-called "YouTube for Business" subscriptions usually outperform Mqatahm with the same tags (in English: Tags). In case the user wants publicity videos shared, it is required to be marketed through the payment of the site in exchange for announcing the section in order to increase the number of viewers, and even that this is not a big guarantee, the joint has the investment of thousands of dollars to market the county without being given a large number of viewers. In case the user is intended to promote his company through YouTube, the company's reputation may be affected negatively assessments is serious on videos shared; Where statistics have shown that about 8 people out of 10 of all Internet users take the evaluation process seriously. [6] Because YouTube site is free, it will reduce the amount of user control content that is shared through it, especially in how to view the section, and even if the user include (in English: embed) section in the letter of its own site, there is still the viewer can move from this site to YouTube by clicking on the designated link. [6]

Report Inappropriate Content

YouTube relies on notifications of its users to keep or delete content on the site, so that review the content after reporting, and in the event of any violations of the guidelines site (such as spreading pornography sections or cruel scenes or otherwise contain), are deleted content.

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Click on the button "more" at the bottom of the video player.
  • Choose the "Report" from the drop-down menu.
  • Determine the cause of the communication and add any details that might benefit the audit team.

Pros YouTube

There are several positives to YouTube despite the many problems related to it, where is the site an easy and inexpensive to deploy, participation and marketing, as the site on many contain clips filled with useful video information and the means of education, and the user can also identify new people through the site, in addition to the possibility of how large share information with others in a short time, and all this does not require the user a lot of equipment and tools. [5]


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